Weight Lifting For Women Fundamentals

Weight lifting is typically done by men, but more and more women are incorporating weight training into their workouts. There are many benefits to weight lifting such as building muscle, toning your body, boosting the metabolism and building strong bones.

The types of exercises done in a weight training routine will vary by person depending on the desired results. Even though each routine will vary, the fundamentals behind weight lifting are the same. They are general rules or guidelines that if followed, will deliver great results every time.

Train Regularly

Being consistent with your workouts will keep your muscles prepped and ready for the next training session. Muscles begin to lose mass 72 hours after the last training session, so training regularly and consistently will prevent this from happening.  Having a regular training schedule is also a mental challenge. If one session is missed, the rest are a struggle to begin again.

Proper Form

Using the correct form is key when weight training. Be sure to hold the weights properly. Stand in the correct way with your feet firmly on the ground. Do not use an excessive amount of weight. Using proper form will prevent injury to the muscles and also the entire body in general.


Be committed to what you are doing. Know that what you are doing will get you results if it is being done properly and on a regular basis. The muscles will be sore, but know that is a sign of progress being made. Your body is changing for the better.

Weight training is no longer just for men. Many women are now incorporating this type of training into workouts and are reaping the benefits. Bodies are being toned, muscles are becoming stronger and an overall healthier lifestyle is being achieved.


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