Three Easy Desk Exercises

Some people find it difficult or even impossible to exercise at work–but there are some easy desk exercises you can do that could help you lose weight, reduce stress, or simply provide you with a reason to take a break! Below are three great, easy exercises that can be done at your desk. Try them out today and get started on your path to good health!

Neck Stretches

Neck stretches are a great exercise that can be done at your desk. These easy exercises are quick and can provide you with some much needed stress relief. Start by sitting up straight in your chair with your eyes focused on an item directly in front of you. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale the breath, slowly lower your right ear to your right shoulder. Lift your head up, and repeat on the other side. Repeat ten times per side for best results.


Squats are some of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do at your desk. Squats are great for building and maintaining muscles in the quadriceps, hamstrings, thighs, and even the butt! Start by pushing your chair away from your desk. Make sure there is enough room for you to move comfortably. Stand tall facing your desk with your arms extended in front of your body, and take some deep breaths. As you exhale, slowly lower your body down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Try to imagine as if you were sliding your body against a wall. Make sure your eyes remain focused at a spot in front of you, and try to keep your back as straight as possible. Slowly begin to stand back up. Repeat this exercise ten times, and then take a break. Do two or three more sets of ten repetitions of this exercise in order to achieve optimal results.

Bicep Curls

To do this exercise, you must have a rolling chair in your office. Make sure that all wheels of the chair are in proper working order, and that it rolls easily across the surface of your floor. Sit in your chair facing your desk, and push your body out and away from the desk so that when your arms are extended in front of your body you are just able to touch the front of the desk. Grip a sturdy surface of the desk, and slowly begin rolling your body (which should still be seated in the chair) in towards your desk. When you approach the desk, push yourself and the chair back out to the starting position. This is a great exercise for toning the biceps, which are the muscles on the front part of your upper arm, as well as the chest muscles. As with the squat, do three or four sets of ten repetitions in order to achieve optimal results.


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