The Zone Diet: Food Meal Plans

The central factor in the Zone Diet food is the hormonal balance that you can achieve by eating a skillfully prepared meal comprised of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein. This diet serves as a great resource for anyone looking to lose weight and lower their risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic ailments through a change in diet.

Zone Diet Basics

The Zone Diet includes following specified recipes within the low-carbohydrate diet plan. Proteins do not dominate the diet however, and dieters receive more energy from carbohydrates than from proteins or fats. Typical calorie consumption for a meal does not exceed 500 calories, and snacks are within 100 calories.

There are two options for a Zone Dieter – make food yourself from Zone Diet recipes online or pay for home delivery. Home delivery for the Zone Diet includes a dieter paying a fee and having meals for an entire week shipped to them, including 3 meals daily and 2 snacks per day. One weekly shipment would include 21 meals and 14 snacks. These meals are marketed as gourmet meals that are well-balanced and promote lean body mass, weight loss, lowered blood sugar, increased energy and improved mental clarity.

Zone Diet Meal Plans

Whether you are making meals at home or receiving home delivery, there are many diverse meals that are an acceptable part of the Zone Diet. Here are just a sampling of the many meal plans.

Main Courses

Main course meat recipes include dishes such as lamb chops, chili, beef stew and biscuits, chicken tacos, chicken in orange sauce, barbecued chicken, blackened tuna and teriyaki halibut. The wide selection of meat, poultry and seafood dishes makes being on this diet much easier than those diets that restrict a great deal of foods, especially red meat for those that include it regularly in their diet.


Lunch recipes include lasagna, spaghetti, portobello tuna burgers, turkey sandwiches, chicken fajitas, pita pizzas, sloppy joes and more. With choices between such foods as pastas, burgers, sandwiches, pies, pizzas, quiches, pancakes, tortillas and pitas, the lunch menu is as varied and diverse as the dinner menu with even more quick and healthy recipe ideas.


Breakfast options include everything from waffles to breakfast burritos to omelets to French toast. There are really not any breakfast options that you can think of that are not in some way incorporated on the Zone Diet breakfast mean meal plan.

Appetizers and Desserts

Additionally, there are endless soups and salads to choose from, as well as many appetizers and side dishes to finish out your meals. Dessert options include cookies, a mock strawberry shortcake, pudding and cream cheesecake.

Sculpting your own meal plan from the countless Zone Diet recipes available online can be a great way to enjoy some of your favorite foods while dieting and eating healthy. The wide array of meals available for either home delivery or to prepare yourself makes this diet option easier to stick with than many other reduced carbohydrate diets (and other diets that greatly restrict foods you can eat). Browse the many meal plans of the Zone Diet today to decide if you want to get in the Zone for healthier eating.


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