The Ultimate New York Diet by David Kirsch

Author: David Kirsch
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 1 edition (October 1, 2006)

Celebrity fitness trainer David Kirsch brings us “The Ultimate New York Diet,” which purports that you can lose 14 pounds, 5 inches from your waist and a high percentage of body fat in only two weeks. This low carbohydrate and high protein diet approach has become quite popular, and Kirsch does initially point out that this is not just a quick fix diet plan, but a life change.

What is the Diet Plan?

Split into 3 phases, this diet initially cuts out many foods, including bread, starchy carbs, dairy, sweets, fruit, alcohol, coffee and fats for two weeks in Phase 1. At this time, calories are limited from 800 to 1000. In Phase 2, also two weeks long, one additional carbohydrate per serving is reintroduced. By Phase 3, many of the originally forbidden foods are reintroduced in moderation.

Containing lots of recipes and a very comprehensive exercise section, this book delivers a complete plan for long-term weight loss and management. The exercise routines are all described well with many pictures and diagrams and most use just body weight, a large exercise ball and a medicine ball. The book also features a nice section offering information on how to eat out at popular restaurants without deviating from your diet.

The Verdict on the New York Diet

The diet consists of using meal replacement shakes as a large part of the meal plan, something that is great when you can’t get a decent meal, but not something that should be used as a staple. Calorie recommendations are very low on this diet which can make it difficult to follow. However, if you are interested in trying a low carbohydrate, high protein diet, this is a good one that mixes a strong exercise program with a diet for the best results.



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