The Myths and Facts about Cod Liver Oil

Many people around the world have used cod liver oil for centuries to prevent and treat a number of ailments, including rickets, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, cancer and many others. Cod liver oil is an oil that is derived from fatty fish and contains many vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamins A and D and the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Cod liver oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are wonderful acids that aid in brain function and improve the immune system.

There are some common myths that are associated with cod liver oil. These myths are sometimes based on facts but are not necessarily the whole truth.  

Myth #1: No Such Thing As Too Much Cod Liver Oil

Many people believe that the vitamins and nutrients that cod liver oil provides can only be good for you. Some even goes as far as to believe that the more cod liver oil you consume, the more it will actually benefit you.

Fact #1: There Is Such a Thing As Too Much Cod Liver Oil

In fact, there are negative consequences to consuming too much cod liver oil. While vitamins A and D are wonderful vitamins that assist in the health of the eyes, skin, hair, bones, teeth and nails, they can be dangerous to the body if they are consumed in excess and even cause irreparable damage to the body. Because a person normally gets all the vitamin D that she needs from the sun, there is really no need to supplement this vitamin at all. Also, vitamin A is normally consumed in proper levels through vegetables and fruit. Therefore, cod liver oil may be giving you an excessive amount of these vitamins. Instead, you should look into other fish oils that are high in essential oils but do not contain these vitamins.

Myth #2: Cod Liver Oil Should Smell or Taste Like Fish

Some people believe that cod liver oil, because it is derived from fish, is supposed to smell and taste like fish.

Fact #2: Cod Liver Oil Should Not Have Any Fishy Properties

Contrary to popular belief, cod liver oil (or any other fish oil supplements for that matter) should not smell or taste like fish. When it does, this is usually an indicator that the supplement has gone bad and is rancid. This fish oil is then oxidized and should not be consumed, as it is no longer healthy for the body. Fishy properties can also be an indicator of a low quality product that should be avoided.

Myth #3: Don’t Need Cod Liver Oil Because I Eat Fish

Many people believe that because they consume fish on a regular basis that they do not need to take any fish oil supplements.

Fact #3: Cod Liver Oil Still Beneficial

In fact, even those that consume fish regularly can still benefit from cod liver oil because it contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals.  


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