The Makers Diet

The Makers Diet is a health plan based upon principles set forth in the Bible. It’s aim is not only to help you lose weight, but also to detoxify your body and bring about a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. By choosing foods which assist your internal system and eliminating those that only cause disease and hinder well-being this goal can be accomplished. The main focus of this diet is nutrition, but these nutritional suggestions are pointed toward what is referred to as the four pillars of health: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional.

The Makers Diet

The Makers Diet consists of a 40-day program designed to retrain your body to enjoy healthy eating, and to detoxify any remnants of old habits and bodily malfunctions or disease that do not benefit your life. This process is encouraged by explaining the benefits of fresh and organic fruit, meat and vegetables and discouraging processed and packaged foods, and foods that may contain pesticides and other chemicals. In addition to making better food choices, the diet warns against eating any foods that aren’t considered pure, such as shellfish, pork and bacon. It also teaches you to become more aware of your feelings so that you can avoid eating when sad, anxious, angry or otherwise emotional.


The Makers Diet encourages the use of natural and herbal supplements to gain your way back to a healthy weight and lifestyle. The creator of the diet, Jordan Rubin, offers a line of these supplements available for purchase to enhance your health experience. The supplements offered are branded as Garden of Life and may work with your new food plan to assist you in achieving overall well-being. Anytime herbs, vitamins and supplements are involved, you must be responsible and conduct your own research to discover the actual health benefits of each herb. Herbs and other all-natural supplements can be extremely beneficial for some health problems, but relying on such supplements for a lifetime can produce the reverse effect. When used in moderation and aimed specifically at problem areas within your body, you can be almost certain your health will improve.

The Controversy

As with any diet fad or trend on the market, there is quite a bit of controversy following Rubin’s Makers Diet. One issue that some people have surrounds his suggestion for supplementing your food intake with herbs and natural remedies from his Garden of Life brand of products. While this does fall under the principles of good marketing, herbs and natural supplements can be extremely beneficial when used properly. Secondly, people who are of different faiths may be uncomfortable with the name of the diet and some of the ideas presented in the book. Keep in mind that no matter where or how the ideas are generated, if a diet is centered around eating fresh foods, avoiding chemical-ridden and processed junk and observing your body to discover what herbs may be of benefit, there’s absolutely no way anyone can go wrong. 


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