The Best Chocolate Milk Types

There has been an ongoing debate for some time now among adults and it is, which is the best chocolate milk?

During our childhoods, most of us would say, “I love all chocolate milk.” This sounds good, but as life moves along the taste buds grow and we become experts in what we like and what comes in a close second to our number one pick. Chocolate milk comes in a number of brands, as well as in a variety of sources. For this debate to be properly discussed we must center it around what makes chocolate milk so great. Before we move into the debate we must first answer a question.

Liquid vs. Powder vs. Syrup – Which Is Best?

This question, like most of this debate, is based on one’s own taste. So being objective is difficult, but we’ll try. Grabbing a bottle of chocolate milk from the store’s freezer is a fine decision once you taste that cold and chocolaty milk. However, with the availability of the powder and syrup forms, the chocolate milk drinker can scoop or squirt in their own right amount of powder or syrup to give it that special, individual taste. The final say on this question is up to you, but remember that all three sources are delicious and satisfying.

Let the debate begin:

Most Chocolaty

The one brand of chocolate milk that sits on top of most taste lists is Nestle Quick. It’s a go-to for those wanting a reliable chocolate milk. However, there is also Yoo-Hoo, Horizon low-fat Chocolate Milk and any number of local brands like Dean’s in the Midwestern states. All taste great, but what stands out as having that classic taste? Again, the opinions vary, but Nestle stands out. This long standing brand comes in all three forms. But after drinking some of Dean’s Chocolate Milk, the taste-tester will realize, it’s close.

Health Matters

The reason why chocolate milk tastes so great is because of sugar and all that goodness that has calories. However, some brands try to cover both sides of the fence: tasting good and staying healthy. Types like Horizon and Organic Valley are two of the best at being a health-conscious chocolate milk. Both being organic implies that only the best items were used in production of this milk. In addition, the calorie/fat gram counts are a bit lower than the whole chocolate milk types. The organic chocolate milk isn’t that bad. It may take some time for hardcore, whole milk types to like it, but the organic brands do deliver on their promises.


Milk goes bad. So like normal milk, chocolate has a “drink by” date on it. Some want to buy this great tasting beverage and have it last. Powder and syrup forms can fill this need. Many brands from Carnation to Ovaltine offer an any time, great tasting crave quencher. For the bottle brands, Yoo-Hoo takes center stage for its long-lasting, fresh taste. This type of chocolate milk has cornered the market on keeping the sour out of the taste.

The Best

Chocolate milk is a great drink no matter what age you are. It takes us back and brings a smile to our face. Finding the best is up to you. Whether it be good, old-fashioned chocolate milk or a sensible organic one, the choices are plenty. Consider what you want and let the debate begin.


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