Substituting Avocado for Butter

Avocado trees mainly grow in tropical regions around the world. The pear shaped fruit, also known as butter pear, ripens after it is harvested. Everyone is trying to avoid fat, but avocados have a high healthy fat content which you should not avoid. By substituting avocado for butter in your baking, you can actually reduce the amount of fat you consume.

Let’s compare the fat content of butter and avocados. For 7 oz. of butter you use in baking you are adding in 162 g of fat. But for the same amount of avocado, you are only adding in 29.32 g. On top of that, butter is high in unhealthy cholesterol, but avocado helps to reduce the bad cholesterol.

How Can You Substitute Avocado for Butter?

The easiest way to substitute avocado for butter is in your spreads. If you like butter on your bread, try using avocado.

Another great place to use it as a substitute is in your baking. But unfortunately you will need to experiment with different recipes in order to get the best results.

You might want to take it slow and only substitute for half the amount of butter, or you can dive right in and substitute the avocado in an equal amount. Keep in mind that avocado does not melt and therefore does not moisten the dry ingredients as well. So you will have to make adjustments to the recipe, and you have several options as to how you can go about it.

Your first option is to increase the amount of avocado you put in, or you can add some avocado oil until you reach a desired consistency. You can also increase your other liquids such as milk or water. Your last option is to reduce your dry ingredients. Most butters contain salt, so you may want to add extra salt to make up for it.

Once it comes to baking, you do not want to bake your dish at the normal temperature. Avocado will burn much quicker on the outside while the inside remains doughy. Reduce the temperature by at least 25 percent to start, and check on it frequently to make sure it does not burn. Naturally when you decrease the temperature you will have to increase the baking time.

To Prepare the Avocado

When using avocados in your baking they should be nice and soft on the inside, and dark in color on the outside. Check the softness by squeezing the ends. Never squeeze the body, as it will cause bruising. To open it, simply take a sharp knife and cut a circle around the pit. Gently twist until it comes apart. Discard the pit and scoop the soft green flesh into a blender or food processor. Blend the avocado until it is a fine puree, as you do not want any large pieces in your dough.

Naturally the avocado will make your dough turn green, which in some recipes will still be green even after it is baked. But the good news is that once it is baked you cannot taste or smell the avocado.


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