Substituting Almond Milk for Milk in Baking

Almond milk is fast becoming the substitute for cow’s milk, as many people are making the connection between cow’s milk and allergies. As the nation becomes more health conscious, more people are seeking to replace cow’s milk in their cereal and while baking. Almond milk can be found along side the regular milk and is comparative in price.


Almond milk is an alternative to dairy. Many people are lactose intolerant and cannot consume cow’s milk because of the lack of lactase–an enzyme needed to breakdown lactose–in the body. Almond milk is the answer because it is lactose free. It also offers the same nutritional value as cow’s milk without the pain.


Almond milk tastes nothing like cow’s milk, but does a superb job replacing it. Almond milk comes in original, vanilla and chocolate flavored. The original flavor has a nutty taste, and the vanilla favor taste sweeter and is good when sweeter is the objective. Add to your cereal or coffee for a light milky alternative.


For baking, almond milk can replace regular milk. When the recipe calls for milk, simply use almond instead. There aren’t any differences in measurement.

Make Your Own

Consider making your own almond milk, as it is easy to do. The ingredients required are almonds, and spring water. You can also use a sweeter like agaves or honey. Add one cup of almonds to four cups of spring water. Let soak overnight. Place content in a blender and mix until smooth, strain, and enjoy.


Almond milk should not be used to replace baby formula.


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