Splenda (Sucralose): Safe for Pregnant Women?

Splenda is the name of a generic, low calorie sweetener known as sucralose. Since Splenda is a converted sugar product and because of the way that it is made, there have been questions to whether or not this product is safe for consumption, particularly for pregnant women. The simple answer to that question is yes, Splenda is safe for everyone.

How It Is Made

Splenda is made from real sugar. Three hydrogen-oxygen groups in real sugar are removed and replaced with three chlorine atoms. Because of the chlorine, the sugar molecule is made inactive and can pass through the body and is never metabolized.  This is how Splenda is made to be low-calorie. The body will not recognize this new molecule, so it will not have any affect on the body. Blood sugar levels and insulin levels will not be affected.

Rumors and Approval

Splenda has been approved for consumption by everyone by the Food and Drug Administration. This includes pregnant women and nursing mothers, with no restrictions. There have been rumors about Splenda and it being involved in infertility and miscarriages. There is no substantial research to validate these claims. So, for the time being, Splenda is a safe product to use.

Splenda is found in such a large amount of products, we probably do not even know all of the times we are eating Splenda. Even though it is safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers, eating natural foods is the best option. Eating natural will ensure the proper amount of calories and nutrients are being eaten. And, as with any food, eating in moderation is key. Therefore, enjoy Splenda in moderation and do not overconsume this sweetner.


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