Spinning: Why Heart Rate Monitors Matter

Spinning is an indoor fitness class that takes place on stationary bikes, and it is a wise idea to wear a heart rate monitor during spinning sessions. This is a newer craze in the fitness world. This workout is both a physical, as well as a mental workout. These bikes are specially designed to give a good workout, while being able to adjust the resistance to accommodate any fitness level.

Class Length

A spinning class typically will last 40 minutes and will be taught by an instructor that has been certified to teach the class. The 40 minutes was selected for a number of reasons.  This length of time allows for a good work out to be received, the heart to get pumping, and a good amount of calories to be burned.

Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor, besides a bike, is the only piece of equipment that is needed for a spin class. A monitor will usually be worn on the wrist as a watch or on the chest as a strap, depending on which on feels most comfortable. A spin class will get the heart pumping and the calories burning while the heart rate monitor will let the participant know what rate their heart is beating at.

A target heart rate is the range that your heart rate should be in while exercising. Your target heart rate is usually 50% to 75% of what your maximum heart rate is. Your maximum heart rate can be calculated by subtracting your age from 220. This number is the highest you want your heart rate to be at.

In a spin class, a heart rate monitor is worn so that the participant knows what level they are at.  If your level is too high, you are working yourself too hard and will tire very easily. If your level is too low, you will not be getting the benefits that you should be getting. The heart rate monitor will let it be known if an intensity adjustment needs to be made.

The spin class is a class that follows a routine but it is done at one’s own pace.  The bike has resistance adjustments that can be made to either increase or decrease the intensity of the ride.  A heart rate monitor will serve as a guide to let one know if adjustments need to be made to make sure the target heart rate range is being met.

A spinning class is a newer trend that is taking off in the fitness industry.  A stationary bike is used and a fitness routine is performed while on the bike.  Resistance can be adjusted up or down to make sure the participant is getting what she needs out of the class. A heart rate monitor helps to let it be known at what level the heart is beating at and will help the participant to get the best workout possible.


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