Rowing Machine: How Effective Is It for Weight Loss?

Is the rowing machine a good choice when you want to shed some extra pounds? When it comes to losing weight, we all know that combining healthy food habits with regular exercise is the way to go. Working on the rowing machine is just one of many ways you can go when it comes to calorie burning activities.  However, there are several factors that make the rowing machine a great choice for losing weight. Let’s take a look at what the rowing machine can do for you:

Calorie Burning

Burning more calories means losing more weight, and the rowing machine is an excellent calorie burner. A person of average weight can burn between 300 and 900 calories per hour, depending on the workout intensity. The energy you burn while rowing is comparable to the energy you burn while swimming, jogging or cycling.


It does not matter what level of fitness you have, the rowing machine can offer a good workout. By adjusting the resistance level on your rowing machine and adjusting the intensity at which you exercise, you can make the workout just right for you. Whether you want to perform low intensity cardio, medium intensity cardio or high intensity interval training, the rowing machine is there for you.

Total Body Workout

The rowing machine is truly a total body workout; your arms, shoulders, legs, back, abs, torso, heart and lungs all get a workout during rowing. Your cardiovascular system will get stronger, as well as all your muscles. This will allow you to work out more intensely and longer as your overall fitness keeps improving through rowing exercise.

Strength Training

Not only is rowing a great cardio workout, it is also decent strength training. By working out at higher resistance levels on a rower, you can effectively turn your workout into strength training. This allows you to gain muscle mass all throughout your body. When you gain muscle, you burn more calories even at rest, which means that rowing can help you lose weight even when you’re not working out.

Low Impact

Rowing is a great type of workout for people prone to injury. The rowing machine is a low impact sport. It’s very easy on your joints unlike high impact sports like running. When you want to lose weight, consistency is of great importance. Rowing helps you maintain your consistency by minimizing the risk of getting injured.


Many people that use the rowing machine feel that the rhythmic motion of rowing has an almost meditative effect. The repeating cycle of the rowing motion might help you clear your mind and diminish your stress levels. Since research has shown that high stress levels counteract weight loss by causing high cortisol levels, relaxing will help you lose weight.

The rower gives you great calorie burning potential and flexibility with your workouts. Since the rowing machine is a great choice for losing weight, the next time you set foot in a gym, consider trying out the rowing machine.


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