Proper Use Of Phytophanere Dietary Supplement For Hair And Nails

In the quest for better hair and nails, there is a supplement out there, phytophanere dietary supplement, that claims to help both. This supplement is not inexpensive, but has received many positive reviews from users. There are people who feel it has helped strengthen their weak brittle nails and enabled their hair to grow much faster, making both their hair and nails healthier than they were before.

How it Works

So, the question is, how does this stuff work, and what is the best way to use it in order to gain the most positive effects from the product? Really, this product is like any other dietary supplement. If you expect to see results, you must take the product regularly, and ideally as an addition to an already well-balanced, healthy diet. You can’t expect a dietary supplement to solve all your problems, but it can be hugely effective when used in combination with other healthy lifestyle choices.

Key Ingredients

There are a few key ingredients in phytophanere dietary supplements. The ingredients include:

  • carrot oil
  • wheat germ oil
  • borage seed oil
  • fish oil 
  • brewers yeast

All of the key ingredients are actually supplements that would be great on their own, but together seem to offer even more benefits to those who take them. The essential fatty acids a body needs are contained in the key ingredients of phytophanere dietary supplements.

Carrot oil, for instance, promotes healthy, moisturized skin and has been used as a supplement in Japan for over 2000 years. The way the carrot oil works for hair growth is by improving the condition of the skin, including on the scalp. This improvement can promote fast hair growth.

Wheat germ oil helps the metabolism and promotes proper cell function. With improvements in these two areas, the body is operating more efficiently. With a more efficient body, hair and nails can grow faster and stronger.

Borage seed oil and fish oil also promote more efficiency in the body. Fish oil works in a similar way to wheat germ oil and borage seed oil offers some of the same characteristics as carrot oil.

All together, the key ingredients offer an improvement in hair and nail growth to those taking the supplement.


The proper use of phytophanere dietary supplements is really just to be consistent about taking the supplement. Results take about 3 to 4 weeks for the user to begin taking notice of the changes. This is not a quick fix, but the product has received many positive reviews and has many devotees.

It’s important to remember that the product has many dietary benefits, even if you don’t notice faster hair growth and stronger nails.


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  • Meera

    I am vegan and cannot take remedies with animal products. Yet I need urgent help to strengthen and prevent my hair from falling. Is there a phytophanere product on the market that does not contain fishoil and is equally effiecient?
    Thank You for your help