Plus Size Coats: How to Choose a Flattering Length

Choosing plus size coats that fit in all the right places and make you feel beautiful doesn’t have to be a chore. With all the different available styles, it can seem like you’ll never find the right one for you. Here’s a little secret: length is everything. Here are a few ideas on how to choose a flattering length plus size coat.

How Tall Are You?

The first thing you need to know is that your height can dictate what kind of coat will make you look terrific as opposed to frumpy. Short coats like bomber jackets and ski coats can add unnecessary bulk to a tall woman’s body, whereas a long coat, such as a trench coat or pea coat, can actually be very slimming and visually stimulating. Short woman have the worry of looking too short by wearing a long coat that actually subtracts inches from their visual height. In this case, choosing a coat that sits just above the knee or at mid thigh can accentuate the curvature of the body while keeping height in tact.

There are basically 4 different lengths of plus size coats: long (at the ankles), knee-length, mid-length (at the thighs or hips) and short (no longer than the hips). Long coats should generally be left to taller woman who have height to spare, while short coats are great for shorter woman to accentuate the waist line and slim the hips. The two in the middle are pretty much interchangeable between tall and short women, depending on where your weight mostly sits.

Where Does Your Weight Sit?

If the majority of your curves is in your hips, choosing a short coat can help alleviate some of the weight or roundness of the bottom half of your body by keeping the added weight of a coat on the top half. If you’ve ever seen a jacket or shirt with shoulder pads, it’s the same idea. By bulking up on top, either with a bomber jacket or other mid-drift coat, you are literally making your hips and waist look smaller.

Likewise, if you carry most of your curves on the top half of your torso, a coat that is a little longer and able to create one long line down your body will work better to even out your curves. For this purpose, try to find a coat that is mid-thigh to knee-length, as this will even out the difference between the curves on top and the curves on the bottom, helping to slim your overall appearance.

Basically, if you are short, you don’t want to subtract any height from your body by choosing a coat that limits visibility of your legs. If you are tall, choosing a longer style coat that sits at the thighs or longer will visually slim your body and not increase any unnecessary bulk. Now that you know these secret little tips, figure out what niche you fit in, try on a few different styles and walk away with a coat that you will feel great in all winter long!


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