Organic versus Regular Makeup

The debate of organic vs regular makeup may be one you are thinking about more, especially if you’ve heard about the rising popularity of organic makeup. While organic makeup may sound like a fad at first, there may be some benefits to using it. If you’re contemplating whether to make the switch to organic makeup, take some time to understand the benefits of it

What Is Organic Makeup?

Organic makeup is not a new product. It has been on the market for decades, but it’s just recently started becoming popular again.  Organic makeup companies claim that their product can help your skin become more healthy, and give your face a glow that regular makeups cannot. Organic makeup is made up of natural products and does not contain the synthetic materials that other makeup does. However, it does contain some ingredients that are common in regular makeup. 

The Benefits of Organic Makeup

The companies that produce organic makeup claim that this makeup is “pure” because it does not contain dyes, preservatives and synthetic material. Due to the fact that this makeup is considered pure, many have claimed that it has improved the quality of their skin. If you suffer from allergies then organic makeup may be for you. Women that do suffer from allergies are often irritated by the preservatives, dyes and other unnatural ingredients that are in regular makeup. Organic makeup may solve this problem.

The Benefits of Regular Makeup

People who are against organic makeup have said that it’s no better than regular makeup. The reasoning behind this is that both organic and regular makeup produce the same effects on the face. Organic makeup has zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and mica in it. These ingredients are also in regular makeup. Doctors, dermatologists and many others think that organic makeup is simply a way to get women to spend more money on makeup. 

Should You Buy Organic Makeup or Regular Makeup?

At the present time it doesn’t seem like there is a big difference between the two. Organic makeup has not been proven to be better than regular makeup and contains many of the same ingredients. The organic version is more expensive and you may want to take that into consideration before you decide which type of makeup to buy.  In terms of the way makeup looks on the face, both organic and regular makeup look the same.

Until it can be proven that organic makeup is better for you in the long term it may be best to stick to regular makeup. The pricing is much more reasonable and there is a bigger variety of products to choose from. However, if you are a woman who has been struggling with sensitive skin and allergies, it may be worthwhile to give organic makeup a shot. It’s often a matter of finding the right product when it comes to skin reactions and allergies.


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