Nutritional Value of Lima Beans

Lima beans, also known as butter beans, are in the legume family. This healthy bean is great in a variety of dishes, such as succotash. Lima beans also have excellent nutrition and health benefits that your body needs. You’ll find these tasty beans at the grocery store, farmer’s market and produce stand. They come in cans or frozen bags in a variety of product sizes. Before you ignore this food, take a look at the nutritional value of lima beans. You may be surprised.

Vitamins and Minerals

Lima beans are packed with wholesome goodness. The creamy and sweet taste makes this bean one of the most popular in the United States. Lima beans are a good source of vitamin B, calcium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. These beans provide you with potassium as well. Potassium is an electrolyte that maintains and balances the fluid in your body.


The soluble and insoluble fiber in lima beans lowers your cholesterol, fights heart disease and keeps your intestinal tract healthy. Soluble fiber absorbs liquid in the intestines and is believed to fight colon cancer. Insoluble fiber helps you pass stool easier. This type of fiber is absorbed slower than soluble fiber.

Fiber is also good for losing weight. It makes you feel full for a longer period of time than any other nutrient. You tend to eat smaller portions at meal time.


Lima beans provide healthy protein. Protein from legumes is much healthier for you than the protein found in meat. Lima beans are great for high protein diets.

Downside of Purines

Purines produce uric acid. It’s important to monitor how much you eat. Although lima beans have other exceptional health benefits, you should eat them in moderation. Uric acid leads to heart disease, kidney stones and other health problems. Avoid lima beans if you have gout or kidney stones. Gout is a condition caused by uric acid in your joints.

Fat, Calories and Carbohydrates

Lima beans are low in fat, but higher in calories and carbohydrates. The fat content includes small quantities of saturated fats. These fats increase your chances of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Carbohydrates in lima beans are good for your health. Unlike carbohydrates found in processed food, the carbs in beans provide nutrients. These nutrients help keep your weight down and provide energy when you need it. If consumed in moderation, lima beans are excellent for low carb diets.


Lima beans are a source of low sodium. Sodium is another leading cause of bad health. Low sodium diets help lower high blood pressure.


Lima beans are naturally low in cholesterol. In fact, they have 0g of cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Healthy foods, such as lima beans, help lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cooking Lima Beans

You can cook lima beans by boiling them in water. Do not add salt to the water. Unsalted beans are better for your health. You also could add lima beans to soups and stews.


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