[Number] Foods to Avoid on the Western Pattern Diet

There are a number of foods to avoid on the western pattern diet. While most diets will recommend that you stay away from fast and processed foods, the western pattern diet recommends it. This diet heavily relies on processed foods, sugar, fried food, red meat and refined starches.テつ Because of the high reliance on fast foods, the western pattern diet is not a diet that is recommended by health professionals.

Being on the western pattern diet will mean that you will have to ignore everything you have previously been told about weight loss and nutrition. Instead of eating small healthy portions, on theテつ western pattern diet you will be consuming deep fried chicken, sodas and burgers.

Because the western pattern diet consists of processed and fatty foods, there are a few foods that you should avoid while on the western pattern diet.


Foods to Avoid on the Western Pattern Diet

1. Wholemeal breads and pasta.テつ The western pattern diet focuses on refined carbohydrates so white bread and white pasta are the better options.
2. Fruits and vegetables are not featured in this diet at all.
3. As this diet comprises mainly of red meats, sweets, and bread, white meat and seafood should be avoided.テつ Unless of course it is deep-fried.
4. Water.テつ While most diets recommend you give up sugary soft drinks, this diet encourages you to drink these.

5. Grains.テつ The western pattern diet focuses on eating meats and unnatural foods.


The Western Pattern Diet

Basically when it comes to this diet anything that is good for you is out and unhealthy foods are in.テつ Because of the foods that this diet encourages you to eat, the diet itself is very controversial.テつ The medical community has been concerned that diets like this will lead to obesity in the long term, which will lead to heart disease and diabetes.テつ The fact that there is a lack of portion control in the diet doesn’t help it’s cause.

This diet is one that is adopted by those who live in western countries.テつ The reason that it is popular is that fast foods are cheap and save you the time and effort that is required to cook a meal.テつ Other diets require you to plan meals, go shopping and spend hours preparing your food.テつ The western pattern diet simply requires you to pick up your food at a fast food outlet.

The foods that are listed above are to be avoided when on this diet.テつ However, any other diet would recommend that some of them be eaten.テつテつ Because of this the western diet has been looked upon negatively by health professionals.テつ However, the fact that this diet exists has brought the issue of obesity and healthy eating into the media spotlight.

Studies have been done and it has been proven that those who have followed this diet have put their health at significant risk.テつ So while the foods above should be avoided when on this diet, they are not unhealthy or high in calories. If you are thinking about embarking on this diet, you should think very carefully and do your research beforehand.テつ It is not a diet that promotes weight-loss.テつ Instead it is an eating pattern that creates a sedentary lifestyle for those that follow it.



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