Michael Thurmond: Six Day Body Makeover

The Michael Thurmond: Six Day Body Makeover is a dieting plan developed by Micheal Thurmond. This dieting guru is known for his appearances in Extreme Makeover, the hit television show where participants work to lose weight and improve their physiques.

The Premise

According to Thurmond, following the Six Day Body Makeover can help you trim down by as much as a pants size in six days. One of the most important concepts behind the Six Day Body Makeover lies in customization. Thurmond designed the diet in such a way that it can be tailored in order to meet the metabolic needs of each individual. Ideally, you should be able to lose as much as a pound each day. This is accomplished by eating more meals in a day but in smaller portions. Aside from this dietary plan, you will also have to undergo low-level exercise activities such as walking or slow running. Before you undergo this diet, you will also need to fill out a form to determine your body type. This will allow your program to be customized according to your needs.

The Diet

During the Six Day Body Makeover, you will need to eat six small meals for every day of the diet. All meals will be rich in protein and low in fats and carbohydrates. With these proportions, you should ideally consume no more than 1200 calories a day. Some of the recommended foods under this diet include: egg whites, fruits and vegetables, turkey breast, chicken breast, brown rice and other whole grains, tuna and sweet potatoes. Condiments like mustard and ketchup should be avoided while on this diet. This is because these foods are high in salt and sugar which are obstacles to weight loss. Aside from condiments, packaged snacks, processed foods and dairy products are also cut out from your diet.

Drinking enough water is also an important basic in the Six Day Body Makeover. Twelve glasses a day is the recommended amount of daily water intake.

Things to Consider

The Six Day Body Makeover is a great idea for dieters who are looking for rapid weight loss solutions. Since you eat daily frequent meals that are rich in protein, you also get to avoid hunger pangs that could result in unhealthy snacking. One of the best things about this diet is that it can be customized. Unlike other diets that offer a single standard solution for all body types, Michael Thurmond seeks to understand your type of body first so he can offer the right tailored solution.


Ultimately, the Six Day Body Makeover by Micheal Thurmond is ideal for those who are looking for a quick-fix, not a permanent solution to weight loss. If you do decide to follow this diet for long-term weight loss, then you could be facing a very strict diet that does not have many varied foods to choose from.


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