Learn Qigong: Easy Lessons For Starters

Learn Qigong: I don’t believe I have ever found something so enlightening the first time I tried it.  This type of meditation focuses on breathing techniques that attain a circular balance between the air, nature, and yourself. Qigong, also known as chi kung, means “practice of breath” and is the art of basically learning to slow breathe to extend your health and longevity.  It aims to balance both the yin and the yang of the body thereby creating more vitality and energy.

Yan Xin Qigong is one part of the traditional practice of qigong that involves more advanced techniques aimed at emphasizing the scientific spirit and healing effects. The practice of Yan Xin Qigong has been practiced in China throughout many years and has now made its way into western culture. The profound effect on those utilizing its healing powers have been documented in scientific research and continues to be a gaining force in methods of healing and fitness.

Start With Breathing Techniques

At the root of Qigong is your chi, which is like a spiritual “breath” of life.  You are not fully aware of it and yet it is there as a cosmic life force that can guide you towards great vitality and health if utilized properly.  If the natural flow of this life force is somehow blocked, an energy imbalance occurs and with it illness and disruption of equilibrium.  The practice of Qigong is to simply guide this energy to the vital “fields of energy” within our bodies, or “chakras”, in order that we may possess healing and power from within that radiates out with our spiritual development.

In beginning a good foundation in the art of Qigong, it is imperative to focus on every step and make sure you are doing them properly, in order to build upon them. The first step is to begin the yogic breathing which aims to bring your body through vital chi energy.  Two kinds of breathing are used, diaphragmatic breathing and alternate nostril breathing, which should be learned in that order. 

Advance to Stances

You will want to breathe deeply only from your diaphragm until you are able to unconsciously take two to four breaths per minute. Once you are able to do these effectively, the two stances that will start the first few basic exercises should be done as well.  These are the bow stance and horse stance which are done to open up the pathway through your body for the chi energy to flow through.  If done correctly, you will experience relief of any pains and problems related to your spine, since these exercises will realign and correct it.

Other Exercises

There are several more types of exercises aimed at loosening and continuing with the generation and circulation of chi energy throughout the body. These vital first steps should be learned completely and with proper technique in order to move on to more advanced exercises that will start to give your body healing power of its own. Qigong encompasses the regimens of both meditation and martial arts and will benefit the mind, body, and spirit. 

It is imperative to obtain a good, solid foundation of these Qigong principles before continuing on with your more advanced practice.  It can take countless years to even begin to fully explore the possibilities of your capabilities with Qigong.  It is something to look forward to attaining in your practice of well-being in health and longevity.


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