Lactose Intolerant? Indulge in Non-Dairy Chocolate Milk

Because of the common placement of dairy chocolate milk, it can seem like the obvious choice. However, for those who suffer from lactose intolerance, other options may seem to be hidden. That isn’t necessarly the case. There are even more delicious types of chocolate milk that come from alternative sources. Open your mind to types of milks that you haven’t tried before. Try to venture into trying these different types of milk until you find one that you genuinely enjoy. The chocolate flavors can really come out in these different milk options.

Soy Chocolate Milk

The type of chocolate milk that will be easiest to find besides dairy chocolate milk is soy. It comes in many varieties, and it’s available in almost all major grocery stores. There are even more options in health food stores. Try to find the kind without genetically modified soy. Soy chocolate milk is not for everybody, though. Soy does contain a high level of phytoestrogen, according to Green Living Online. That can be bad for men and women, depending on their nutritional and medical needs. When consumed in moderation and from organic sources, soy milk is good for most people. It contains many healthy properties.

Almond Chocolate Milk

Almond chocolate milk is a delicious, carefree choice for your chocolate milk craving. This is probably the alternative milk source that has the most similar consistency to dairy milk. It’s richer than rice milk. You can chill it in the fridge, or you may opt to pour it over ice. Once the container is opened, however, refrigeration is usually requested or required. Almond milk is produced by many brands, and it’s more readily available at health food stores and vegan stores. It’s a great source for protein, and it provides a delectable treat. It’s terrific when warmed up, providing a delicious and rich hot chocolate.

Rice Chocolate Milk

Yet another scrumptious alternative to dairy chocolate milk is rice chocolate milk. Rice milk is a bit thinner in consistency than traditional milk, but its taste is great. Since many chocolate rice milks are made from brown rice, it also offers a healthy level of protein. It contains very little natural fat, and it should never be used as a substitute for formula for babies. For adults, however, it’s a great treat. It’s also usually fortified with essential vitamins. Consuming it is usually a very healthy choice.

Chocolate Coconut Milk

There’s even chocolate coconut milk. However, coconut milk has a stronger taste than the other options. You can usually taste the coconut within the chocolate milk. Although there are even brands of chocolate ice cream made entirely from coconut as its milk source, the taste is distinctly different from dairy options. Non-dairy chocolate milk can go in many directions, and this is a delectable one to take. Like rice milk, chocolate coconut milk is often fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.


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