Jump Rope for Fitness

The jump rope is a popular child’s toy, but jumping rope is also a great way to stay in shape. Jumping rope helps improve balance and coordination, and it’s also a good cardio workout. Here’s how you can make jumping rope a part of your fitness routine.

The Benefits of Jumping Rope for Fitness

Jumping rope is a form of aerobic exercise commonly used by professional athletes. Jump ropes are light, compact and affordable. Jumping rope burns about ten calories per minute on average, but if you jump quickly you can burn as many as 20 calories a minute, which is more than you burn jogging.

Building a Jump Rope Fitness Plan

The key to burning calories is to vary your footwork. Bounce over the rope with both feet at once, jump over the rope one foot at a time, or skip over the rope. Change things up every ten jumps or so to avoid the muscle fatigue that causes missed jumps, slows you down and keeps you from raising your heart rate.

For the first week of your jump rope fitness routine, jump 5 to 25 times consecutively, depending on how easy jumping rope is for you. Make your rest periods twice as long as your periods of activity; if you jump rope for one minute, rest for two, then jump rope again for another minute. Schedule three workouts for your first week; add a session the next week, and on the third week begin jumping rope every other day.

As you get better at jumping rope, gradually increase the number of jumps you do before resting. After the first week of jumping rope for fitness, reduce your rest period until it’s the same length as your active period (if you jump for one minute, rest for one minute, then jump for one minute more). After a few weeks, you should be able to jump rope for ten consecutive minutes.


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