Is It Possible to Lose Weight by Sweating?

People do, in fact, lose weight by sweating. However, this loss in overall body weight does not directly lead to long-term body mass reduction, as sweating merely releases liquids within your body’s cells and tissues rather than eliminating fat storage.

Information about Sweating

Sweating serves as a way to release and reduce body heat. No matter the situation, the body remains in a constant state of sweat, although only sometimes do the liquids reach the skin’s surface. Small cells found within our skin continually produce plasma-like fluid which mixes with elements such as sodium and chloride; this gives sweat its salty taste.

The misconception that fat storage will become depleted through sweating often causes several individuals to run to the sauna in hopes of shedding pounds. However, different types of sweat glands on the body do actually secrete fatty acids, commonly causing stains in the arm pit region of shirts. These different glands do not impact fat storage either.

Actual Weight Loss

Weight loss only happens when your body remains in an energy deficiency. Although this sounds extreme, the phrase simply means that you must consume fewer calories than what your body must use for energy. When you exercise and consume a healthy diet, the body naturally works to burn off said calories. Once your body no longer contains any food calories, it slowly starts tapping into its fat storage and even muscle tissue for energy in order to function.

This continual process causes prolonged weight loss, and when done correctly, you have the ability to lose up to three or four pounds a week in a healthy manner. Sweating does in fact help with weight loss in that the process cools you through vigorous exercise and physical activity. Dehydration often occurs after sweating out excessive amounts of liquid though, and this process does not help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Methods and Warnings

Many people use bodysuits or some form of tightly enclosed garments in order to increase body heat. This process does increase the amount of sweat that the body releases, however, the effective body suit products work to increase body heat and maintain sweating. An increase in body temperature increases metabolism, in turn burning more calories and putting the body into a calorie deficiency.

Both aerobic and anaerobic exercises increase weight loss as well because they help stimulate muscle growth. Muscles require energy from food sources and from within the body in order to remain healthy. If you place yourself in a calorie deficiency, the muscles will look to its fat storage for energy, and eventually deplete themselves as well as a result of complete energy loss.

The practice of healthy dieting paired with regular exercise serve as the safest and best way to lose fat within the body.

An attempt to lose weight through unhealthy practices such as self-induced starvation does more harm than good. Your body contains essential fat that works to keep your body functioning correctly. When the body turns to this fat for energy, you have literally started a process in which the body consumes itself.


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