How Tumeric Can Help You Lose Weight

Turmeric has been a key ingredient in numerous recipes in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and in the Middle East. In some countries in South Asia, turmeric is used as a medicinal product. It is used as an antiseptic for cuts and bruises and as a remedy to stomach disorders. In India, turmeric is used as an ingredient for several skin products. For years, there was an unproven belief that turmeric can be used as an aid to weight loss. Recently, scientific studies have shown that turmeric may indeed help you lose weight. Here are the facts that researchers found out about turmeric and weight loss.

Turmeric May Help Reduce Fats

Tuffs University in Boston conducted an experiment using mice to determine the effects of turmeric in one’s diet. The researchers divided 18 mice into three groups. One group was given a typical diet and the other two groups were fed a high-fat diet. One group with a high fat diet was given a small amount of curcumin, a polyphenol that is found in turmeric. The result of the study showed that although both groups had the same diet, the group that was fed with curcumin weighed less compared to the group that was not given the ingredient. The group that was given curcumin also had lower levels of cholesterol and fat.

The results of the studies using the mice have increased interest in turmeric as an aid to weight loss. Studies are now trying to link curcumin to weight control. Some researchers believe that turmeric can help break down body fats by restricting blood supplies to fat cells and stopping them from growing. Daily intake of turmeric may also help reduce the body’s metabolism, thus contributing to weight loss.

Turmeric May Help Control Sugar

Turmeric has also drawn interest from institutions like the University of Columbia in New York. Medical researchers there also fed mice with quantities of turmeric and compared them with mice with the same diet, but without the ingredient. The results of the studies showed that mice that consumed quantities of turmeric had a reduced incidence of diabetes. In addition, the mice fed with turmeric weighed less and had lower fat content than the other groups. The studies have also proven that mice given quantities of turmeric had fewer liver problems than the control group.

Turmeric May Help Prevent Obesity

Immune cells in the body fat tissue called macrophages cause the inflammation that is associated with obesity. Some scientists believe that turmeric can suppress these cells and help reduce the chances of obesity.  

More studies need to be completed to support the link between turmeric and weight loss. Most studies have been focused on mice and it’s too early to tell if turmeric will have the same effects on humans. Unlike other weight loss supplements, turmeric does not have any side effects. It appears that there is a strong link between the intake of turmeric and weight loss.


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