How to Tone Muscles by Boxing

Boxing is a fun and easy way to tone your muscles. Boxing is a sport where two people, who are of about the same weight, fight in a ring wearing boxing gloves. The winner is decided when one of them is considered injured and can no longer continue.

Muscles That Boxing Tones

Boxing will tone up all of your muscles.This includes your arms, shoulders, chest, back, stomach, hips and legs. It also helps you lose weight which helps increase your strength, stamina, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, coordination and agility.

How Boxing Tones Your Muscles 

Punching a punching bag (a heavy bag, usually made of canvas and filled with sand that is hung from overhead) is also a form of boxing. It helps your lower back, shoulders and your upper arms by using point type resistance during the punching motion. The object of this exercise is to move the bag using the muscles of your arms and back. A punching bag also helps give your lungs and heart a workout. Boxing challenges multiple metabolic systems, which gives you more of a complete workout.

You can also try throwing fast punches at your bag or using a speed bag for a cardio workout. A speed bag is a small teardrop-shaped bag hung from a backboard that can help you with your hand-eye coordination. Using weighted gloves also helps with your biceps and triceps, because the added weight must be repeatedly lifted to hit the bag. Gradually add more weight to your gloves to intensify the workout you’re receiving.

How to Use Boxing in Your Exercise Regimen

As with any type of exercise, you should start slowly and gradually build the intensity and length of your workout. If you’re already in pretty good shape, you might want to start your workout with the jump rope for five to ten minutes to get your legs limber and your heart and respiration rates up. After the rope, go through a set of stretching exercises to make sure all of your muscles are loose and ready to work. Be sure to stretch your back, shoulders and arms, also. Not stretching, or improperly stretching, can lead to muscle damage. Start with the punching bag for about ten minutes and then move over to the speed bag for another ten minutes. Next move to shadow boxing for ten to fifteen minutes. If you’re just starting to use boxing to tone your muscles, then this should have you pretty tired and should be enough. After about a week, you should repeat the above exercises twice, working on speed and strength of punches on the second iteration. After following this type of exercise regimen for a few weeks, you should be ready to spar with someone of your weight and experience level if you desire. Sparring should be the last exercise routine you work on, after a short rest period following the other conditioning exercises.



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