How to Naturally Block Salt Cravings

Salt cravings are very hard to overcome, and they can actually sabotage a healthy diet plan when the cravings get too bad. While dealing with these kinds of cravings can prove tough and sometimes even seem impossible, there are some sure fire ways to help kick the cravings once and for all. You shouldn’t expect to suddenly not have salt cravings after putting the following techniques to use, but you can expect to see results within just a few short days.

Cut out the Fat

Simply put, the less fat you eat, the less you will crave salt. You can cut out unnecessary fats in your diet using a number of different methods. For example, you can switch out your ranch salad dressing for a fat free Italian kind, or bake homemade French fries instead of ordering them when eating out. Baking chicken instead of frying it and using herbs and spices on your baked potato instead of butter and sour cream are also effective. These techniques can also help you shed unwanted pounds or maintain a healthy weight.

Cut out the Stress

Stress plays a big role in the way your body digests nutrients, including salt. Stress can lead also lead to weight gain and even heart disease. Exercise plays an extremely important role in keeping high levels of stress away. Yoga, Pilates, walking, meditation and swimming are all good examples of stress relieving activities that aren’t so vigorous that they’re hard to keep up. Talking with friends, enjoying a movie or participating in other activities that get you away from reality for awhile also help to reduce stress.

Cut out the Junk Food

Most products that are considered junk foods contain high amounts of sugar and salt. By consuming them, you are providing a generous supply of salt to your system that only feeds the cravings further. Furthermore, the sugar, additives and artificial flavors found in many processed foods, otherwise known as junk foods, make it hard to maintain a healthy weight.

They may also lead to heart disease and other ailments such as diabetes. Instead of purchasing packaged meals for lunch or dinner, consider preparing something yourself. It can be as simple as a slow cooked stew in the crock pot that cooks all day and is ready for dinner when you get home, or a nice avocado sandwich that has all your favorite toppings between some French bread.

Cut out the Table Salt

In order to really kick your salt cravings, you will be best served to stop using table salt altogether. Try using fresh herbs and spices when you cook instead of salt, and within just a few days you should see a big difference in the cravings you usually experience. Once your salt cravings disappear, you will probably start to notice the tastes of particular foods than you did when you used a lot of salt. This results in an overall pleasurable experience.


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