How to Lose Weight Playing Video Games

More and more people are discovering that video games are no longer just for entertainment. They can also be great diet tools. This fact can be useful to a number of consumers, such as gaming fanatics who would rather spend quality time with their consoles than work out. If you’re a parent who’s worried about the increasing weight of your child, what could be a better and more fun way to encourage weight loss than video games? If you want to know how to lose weight playing video games, most of the information you will find will tell you that it all depends on the right type of game. Here are some popular titles that allow you to have a lot of fun while burning the calories away.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is probably the first game to prove that video games are not just for couch potatoes who prefer to spend the entire day in front of their TV screens. In Dance Dance Revolution, the game comes with a multicolored pad that features arrows which light up in time to the music. The arrows indicate where your feet should be, depending on the dance step. While your feet are busy following the arrows on the pad, your eyes struggle to follow the dancing character on the TV screen. By the end of the standard three songs, it’s a guarantee that you would have broken a sweat.


If you like walking on the treadmill while playing a video game then you are exactly the type of consumer that the GameRunner is looking for. Basically, the GameRunner is also a type of treadmill that is attached to the screen. This item works best with first-person shooting games. With the GameRunner, you get to control which direction your character is going to and where he aims his weapon. If you want to speed up the pace of the game, there are also buttons that you can adjust.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is undoubtedly one of the most popular gaming consoles around, with a wide variety of game titles making their debut every month. These titles include some of the best video games that can help you lose weight. For instance, there is the Wii sports package that comes with a special wireless controller. All you have to do is hold the sleek controller in your hand while you choose the game you’d like to try. Care to play bowling? How about a tennis match? These sports activities are possible with Wii sports.

Movin’ by Nicktoons

Whether you’re looking for a way to get your child to participate in more physical activities or you want to lose a few pounds yourself, playing this game would be a very fun way to accomplish your goal. Run by a motion-sensitive camera, this program allows you to enter the game and participate in a number of cartoon activities–from building fishbowls to destroying robots. As if these were not enough to add to the fun factor of the game, the activities are hosted by none other than Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants.


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