How to Exercise Safely with Lower Back Pain

Many people need to learn how to exercise safely with lower back pain. There are people around the world who suffer from this condition, and exercising can actually help relieve that pain. You must be careful doing some of the exercises, as they can injure your back if not done properly. Always consult with a doctor before starting any exercise routine.


Yoga is one type of exercise you can do while suffering from lower back pain. It is low impact and will help to stretch those muscles affected. Doing positions like the cat stretch and the camel stretch really focuses on that area. To find help, you may want to enroll in a beginner yoga class. Yoga focuses on stretches and strengthening your muscles. Tell your instructor that you are having lower back pain and they can modify the positions for you. Be careful not to overdo it, so as not to injure your back more. Yoga uses breathing and meditation and this can help you to learn to manage the pain.


Pilates is another great way to exercise with lower back pain. By focusing on the muscles around the spine, it can help to strengthen those muscles and improve your posture. This can help to relieve some of the lower back pain. Most people sit at a desk for long hours of the day and this can cause pain. Adjusting your posture and strengthening the spinal muscles can help to ward that off. Always tell your instructor about your pain so they know to modify the positions for you.

By using Pilates you can strengthen back muscles and help to prevent injury from occurring again. There are several physical therapists that are starting to use this type of exercise in their therapy sessions.


Some people have found that walking is a form of exercise they can do while having lower back pain. Walking is very low impact and can be done slow or fast. You can walk alone or with a buddy. If you feel comfortable, try walking a short trip around the block to start with. Simply putting your body into motion can help to relieve lower back pain. Exercising releases endorphins which is the body’s way of helping us to heal. This is a form of exercise that can be done while you are in pain, but do not push yourself. Only do what your body allows you to do.

Most exercises for lower back pain can be done lying on your back or in a crouched position. You may want to refrain from doing any exercises with weights until you can get your lower back pain under control. Exercise can be very beneficial to those suffering with this type of pain. It is also helpful in losing weight, which can be a cause of lower back pain. Always talk to your doctor when starting a new routine, and they can help lead you in the right direction. Once you find the right exercise for you, you should see some relief from lower back pain and may be able to reduce taking medications to help it. Until you get your lower back pain to ease up, you can exercise as long as you do it carefully.


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