How to Balance Weight while Taking Oral Contraceptives

Many women experience weight gain while taking oral contraceptives. This is caused by the increased amounts of hormones in the body, which contribute to a decrease in weight loss. But, we are not destined to gain weight simply because we choose to take oral contraceptives. This article will give you some great tools to use in your quest to balance weight while taking oral contraceptives. You’ll be back at your ideal weight in no time at all!


Exercising every day is one of the best ways to balance weight while taking oral contraceptives. Before getting further into this topic, let’s consider how we lose weight. Once pound of weight is composed of 3500 calories–and therefore, in order to lose one pound of weight per week, one must eliminate 500 calories per day. While most people choose to do this through diet alone, exercise can contribute substantially to calorie loss. For example, on average a 160 pound person can lose 100 calories every ten minutes with moderate to vigorous physical activity–and this can lead to around a 500 calorie deficit with one hour of exercise!

The quickest way to lose weight with exercise is to participate in cardiovascular exercise, such as walking, biking, jogging, playing tennis, etc. While weight lifting is often touted as a long-tern weight loss technique, it can actually contribute to weight loss in the short-term. It is best to find a combination of these two techniques in order to achieve optimal, long-lasting results.

Eat Right

Proper nutrition is also essential to balancing weight while taking oral contraceptives. When trying to lose or maintain weight, it is essential to consume high amounts of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. These products contain high amounts of dietary fiber, which are slow digesting, and therefore stay in the stomach for a long period of time. This prevents feelings of hunger, and decreases the chances of overeating at future meals. Stay away from calorically dense foods such as fried and sugary treats, as these can also contribute to weight gain.

Keep Records of Weight Gain and Loss

The best way to balance weight while taking oral contraceptives is simply to keep a record of what you eat, how you exercise, and how these activities change your weight. As discussed above, oral contraceptives can cause weight gain, and therefore, you must keep a close eye on what you eat and how you exercise in order to determine what works best for you.

Some people may find that they can eat the same way as they did before beginning to take oral contraceptives, while others may have to significantly change their diet and exercise habits. Keeping a daily record of what you eat and how you exercise, along with what your current weight is, will help you find the perfect balance. Remember that it can take months or even more to figure out the routine that is best for you!


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