How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Adding color to your wardrobe can brighten your skin, flatter your individual shape, make you look stylish and above all, boost your confidence. However, you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to color. Subtle touches of color can improve your look without making you seem overpowering.

The Power of Color

Adding color to your wardrobe works best in small doses. Just a little color can express your mood. Once you get comfortable adding a dash of color here and there, you can start coordinating colorful tops with more subdued bottoms.

Different colors can express different moods. Red, for example, says you’re fiery and pink is a flirtatious color. Blues and teals express that you’re cool and collected and lilac denotes classic beauty. Your individual fashion “season” will determine which colors best compliment your skin tone.

Your Fashion “Season”

Determining your “season” can help you start adding color that brings out your eyes and looks beautiful against your skin without washing out your face. When determining your season, you may find the following helpful:

  • Spring: Spring women look best in warm, light colors of yellow, peach and light brown. They typically have a golden undertone to their skin and have lighter hair and lighter eyes. Red cheeks, strawberry blond hair and red hair are typical.
  • Summer: Summer women look radiant in pastel colors, particularly lilac, aqua, rose pink and fuchsia. Summer skin has blue or pink undertones and summer women typically have blond or light brown hair and light-colored eyes.
  • Autumn: Autumn women shine in beige, orange, dark brown and dark green colors. Their skin usually has a golden undertones, and they have brown hair and golden brown eyes.
  • Winter: Winter women look great in bright, dark colors like navy, scarlet, cobalt and green. They have blue or pink undertones to their skin and usually have dark brown or black hair, but they may have platinum blond hair. Their eyes are usually dark.

A Dash around the Waist

Adding color to your wardrobe doesn’t mean you should get rid of the plain black, white and beige entirely. In fact, black can be a very flattering, slimming color if you don’t overdo it. If you’re going to be wearing a little black dress or dark pants or skirt, you can add just a little bit of color at your waist with a bright belt or sash. The color should depend on your mood and what colors compliment you the best.

Flair around the Neck

Like the dash of color around the neck, wearing a scarf around your neck with an otherwise subdued outfit can draw attention to your confident smile and compliment an otherwise bland outfit. Just be careful that the color matches your skin tone, since it’ll be resting against your bare skin.

Bold Shoes

Another great place to ad just a bit of color to your wardrobe is at your feet. Pass up the black or beige shoes in favor of fun, bright colors. (Just not too bright.)

Colorful Blouse

Adding color to your business outfits without being overpowering is simple when you select a colorful blouse instead of the standard white, brown or beige tops. Just make sure it coordinates well with your suit jacket, if you’re wearing one.


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