How Often Should You Eat Microwave Meals?

Since we are such a fast paced society, many people have turned to microwave meals. There is a never ending supply of options to pop in the microwave. You can heat up a whole TV dinner in the microwave and have it on the table in less than five minutes. While this may seem great as a time saver, many wonder about the safety of eating these meals often. Some people have gone so far as to get rid of their microwaves all together.

Microwave Meals and Safety

There has been a lot of research done on whether or not these meals are safe for you to eat. Some studies have shown that they have adverse effects on your body. They are not nutritionally sound. Although you may choose the child friendly or even those labeled healthy, when you cook these meals all the nutrients are zapped out by the microwave. It completely defeats the reason you chose those meals in the first place.

Microwave Meals and Health Concerns

Some of the concerns are the ingredients in the foods themselves. One of the reasons these meals taste so good is they have a high fat content. When looking at microwave meals, the average fat content is around 33 percent. This will cause you to go way over your recommended daily intake of fat. Having too much fat in your diet can cause several health problems. Another concern is the high sodium content. This is another reason these meals taste so good. When you have too much salt in your diet, it can lead to high blood pressure.

Another concern of most people is that the meals are not made with quality ingredients. This is one of the reasons that these meals are so cheap. The ones that have meat in them are made from poor cuts. When you look at the cost of these meals, they really are not as cheap as you would think. When you have to feed a family of four, the prices can add up. You can make a homemade meal for your family rather inexpensively. There are cookbooks on the Internet and many blogs and other resources that talk about feeding your family fresh, home cooked meals for very low prices.

Most researchers that you talk to do not recommend you eat microwave meals very often. Some people stay away from them entirely. While there are those that abstain from them, there are still many people who eat nothing but these type of meals. This can lead to health problems like high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The meals do not do not save that much money in the long run.


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