How Nutrition Counseling Aids in Permanent Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose weight and keep it off, you may benefit from nutrition counseling. Nutrition counseling, with a registered dietician or nutritionist, can be very beneficial to teach you both how to lose weight healthily and how to keep it off by eating a well-balanced diet. If you have struggled with rebounds and the inability to keep weight off for a long period, consider nutrition counseling to aid in permanent weight loss.

What is Nutritional Counseling?

During nutritional counseling, you will meet with a registered dietician that will walk you through the steps of healthy eating. They will outline an eating plan that is suited for your body’s caloric needs, as well as make suggestions on healthy recipes and snacks to help you achieve these goals. Additionally, you will learn ways to pair exercise with your eating plan to experience the most weight loss and overall benefit. Many nutrition counselors also deal with eating problems, such as emotional eating and other lifestyle issues, that make it difficult for clients to get on track and keep the weight off.

Things to Discuss with a Nutrition Counselor

Before beginning nutrition counseling, you should think about some of the topics that you may be discussing. Every nutrition counselor is unique, but some issues commonly looked at include:

  • Reviewing your current diet choices, weight and body composition to get an accurate picture of your overall nutritional health.
  • Creating an eating plan that fits with your schedule and lifestyle while optimizing your metabolism as well.
  • Looking at and dealing with food cravings.
  • Reviewing medical concerns that are most often impacted by weight and nutrition.
  • Ways to achieve reaching a healthy body weight through natural means without starving yourself.

Why a Nutrition Counselor Helps

With so many fad diets everywhere you look, it is hard to know what will really work when you are trying to lose weight. Nutrition counseling is quite the opposite from this kind of dieting, as there is no diet involved. You simply learn what it takes to eat a well-balanced diet, which in turn will help you shed unwanted weight and keep it off. It helps you develop healthy eating habits that can last an entire lifetime, instead of a quick fix solution that does not prepare you for making food choices for the long term. It can also help you develop a more positive relationship with both food and your body.

What to Expect at Nutrition Counseling

In a typical nutrition counseling session, you will be asked to recall all the food that you ate in the last 24 hours so that the dietician can get an estimate of the food and beverages that you consume on an average day.

After looking at your current diet, they will then assess your body weight, comparing it to averages and determining where you fit in. From there, they will identify any changes to your diet that are needed and help develop an easy-to-follow plan to achieve the outlined changes.


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