How Dance Cardio Can Help You Overcome A Weight Plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau can be frustrating, but dance cardio classes or videos can be just the thing to get you past it. Use a form of dance that keeps you interested and committed to sticking with it. Do just a few workouts a week and you’ll find that your sweat sessions get you on your way past that plateau.

Trick Your Body

Day after day, week after week, the same workout regimen stops being as effective as it was in the beginning of your program. You hit the dreaded plateau and stop losing weight when your body gets used to the same motions, the same calorie burn, and the same intensity. Mixing it up is the best way to skip right past the plateau. Instead of watching the minutes tick by as you complete your cardio workouts, try something new. Dance cardio classes force you to use muscles that you haven’t been using, since these are inherently total body workouts.

Choose the Right Class

Studios, gyms and DVDs offer a variety of dance cardio choices from ballet-based classes to Zumba and kickboxing–there is undoubtedly something to suit your fancy. Most studios will even offer a free introductory class so you can try different classes before committing to one. Choose a class that challenges your body by incorporating strength work, interval-based sections or one that keeps you feeling challenged throughout. Once you have found the right class, an hour long workout will fly by, blasting fat the whole time.

Make the Class Work Harder for You

Any dance-based cardio class can be as easy or as intense as you make it. Concentrate on completing the full range of motion of each move. Squat lower, bring arms up higher, or take the instructor’s recommendations to increase the intensity of your workout. Try finding a place toward the front of the class, rather than hiding in the back, to motivate you to perform. Find another class member and wage a secret competition against her! Kick higher, bring knees up higher, and do what you need to do to work harder than she does! That will increase your calorie burn!

Don’t Get Discouraged!

A weight loss plateau seems to show up right when you are close to your goal weight. So the good news is, you’re close! Your new dedication to dance cardio will likely spark increased calorie and fat burn and breathe new life into your workouts. Set a goal to stick with the class for a certain number of weeks, but at least get to 5 classes. At that point, you’ll start to understand the vocabulary of the movements, how to do the routines, and what to expect with music and timing.

As for your plateau, check in with your nutrition, and consider a food diary to find places to cut empty calories from your diet. Try adding a few extra minutes to your workouts each time you hit the gym or adding one of your dance days as an extra workout, instead of simply as a replacement.


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