Healthy Weight Control Options For Proper Weight Loss

Today there are so many options for healthy weight control, it can sometimes be confusing to know where to begin. But if you are interested in healthy weight loss at a reasonable rate, there are a number of helpful tips to get you on the right track and keep you there.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

The essence of losing weight properly is balancing your consumption of nutritious foods while limiting unhealthy, high caloric foods. Diet plans that feature low saturated fats, low processed foods and sugars, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest choices for proper weight loss. When considering weight control options you should:

  • avoid trans fats and saturated fats that raise your cholesterol levels, increase inflammation in the body, and decrease blood vessel function
  • eat a variety of fruits and vegetables in a rainbow of colors to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs for healthy function
  • choose whole grains (instead of processed foods) that are high in healthy fiber that aids in digestion
  • never skip breakfast, instead look for healthy weight loss snacks to keep your metabolism active throughout the day
  • adjust old recipes for health. Instead of giving up your old favorites, why not go online or to a book store and look for healthier recipe versions. This way you can still enjoy mealtime, and it becomes less of a huge sacrifice.

Avoid Unhealthy Weight Loss

Weight control options that tout losing a dramatic amount of weight in a short amount of time are typically not healthy. While many plans feature an initial cleanse process (that often gives you a jump-start on results), healthy plans limit the jump-start portion of the plan and provide a second phase that is more reasonable and healthy. Signals that a weight control method is unhealthy include:

  • limiting caloric intact drastically (below 1,000 per day). The body requires calories for energy and to function. Reducing your calories too dramatically will put your body  into starvation mode. It will also result in a serious drop in energy, making it more difficult for you to feel up to healthy activities and exercise.
  • skipping meals. Diets or weight loss programs that feature skipping meals are not only difficult to stick to, but hard on your body. Healthy plans encourage eating healthy at mealtime and even snacking. The difference is they encourage nutritious, low caloric snacks and meals to fuel your metabolism and burn fat.
  • avoiding exercise. Our bodies need a regular amount of physical exercise for health and fitness. Any plan that discourages healthy, regular exercise is working against your bodies needs and not with them.
  • taking a magic pill. Plans that suggest only taking a healthy weight loss pill focus on a quick fix option that doesn’t ensure proper nutrition for your body. We all need adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and fats for health. Taking a pill to shut down your appetite doesn’t include a plan for providing essential nutrients.

Healthy Weight Maintenance Tips

Once you’ve reached your target weight, most healthy weight loss programs provide a maintenance program to keep you at your goal weight for life. Be suspect of any plan that simply encourages you to go back to your old habits after you’ve reached your goal. Healthy tips to maintain your weight loss include:

  • allow yourself a treat periodically (but don’t make those splurgesa habit)
  • focus on healthy snacks and recipes that you can enjoy without guilt
  • read food labels so you know how much health nutrition you are getting (you can consciously limit high caloric, unhealthy choices)
  • beware of restaurant traps. Eating out doesn’t have to break you weight control rules. Simply opt for lean protein choices, fish, and whole grain carbohydrates, and keep heavy sauces to a minimum.

Develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime, and avoid yo-yo dieting. A maintenance plan that keeps you close to your target weight is a healthier, more manageable alternative.


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