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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 6/3-6/9

This is the
where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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and our newest board MY FAVORITE SB LEGAL FOODS

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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


If life required no effort, then it would offer no satisfaction. Those who avoid effort also avoid accomplishment. If there was no need for commitment, there would be no experience of fulfillment. If there was no price to pay, there would be nothing to buy.

The ability to make a difference is one of life's greatest blessings. And that ability is expressed through effort. When you seek to make a real and substantial effort, what you'll end up with is a real and valuable achievement.

Meaningful efforts can be difficult and painful. Yet their burdens are more than outweighed by the value they create. When you see just the burdens, you're only seeing half the picture. In the burden of the effort is the value of the accomplishment.

Making the effort will extract the value. Keep that in mind and let each effort, though difficult, become a joy. Make the effort, make a difference, and you'll partake in the full richness of life.

-- Ralph Marston


Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

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We have a birthday to celebrate this week!!!!!

It's RED1's BIRTHDAY Wednesday,
June 5th!!!

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Default Monday Morning

It is Monday and the last week for my daughter to go to school. My son graduated from Kindergarten on Friday evening and it was a wonderful event. He sang his duet and was FANTASTIC!! I was so proud of him and I am glad he is on summer vacation now. I always missed him when he went off in the morning, even though he got home just after noon.

The house facelift is going well, even with our injured foreman. They sided the side of the house this Saturday and because he is off official work this week, he will be here on various days doing the other side of the house. It looks really great!

I was bad with my eating this weekend again. It seems the weekends are becoming hard for me. I think it is because I am feeling pretty good at my present weight and size. I went shopping at a second hand type shop and got myself a pair of jeans that fit perfectly for 2 bucks! It is a great place that actually imports all its merchandise from the USA and has mostly name brand stuff like Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Bill Blass...stuff like that so it is awesome. Oh, I also got 2 pairs of shorts from a garage sale for a buck each so I returned the new ones I bought on sale for 26 dollars each..I thought that was a good sale. I also bought 4 new short sleeved tops to go with my shorts and various skirts.

I wonder if there are any others on the board who are like me. Ten pounds from goal but looking pretty good. People say I don't have to lose anymore weight but I know the chub on my thighs! Do you find it hard to be consistent? It seems I am eating on the weekend, gain the 2-3 pounds then lose them again during the week and the cycle starts again. How do I get out of this?! It is like I am maintaining and not trying to lose anymore...maybe I just need to stick around here for awhile willingly..I dunno.

I will have to check in later to address people individually. I was away from the board for the weekend and will catch up later.
Have a great Motivational Monday!
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Happy Monday Gang!

Finally got caught up on all the weekend posts. That was alot.
Had a nice weekend. Worked in the yard Sat and Sunday afternoon layed in the pool for 3 hours. Relaxing.

Deb, Boy did that MM hit home. I couldn't wait until today to tell you all about my experience Friday nite. I had to go to this Fund for the Arts action Friday nite for work. No one else could go. The invite said "Creative" black tie. Not having a clue what that meant, I'm thinking what am I going to wear. I have a new dress that I bought for a couple of weddings which looks really good. But it is red and orange. So on the way home to get ready I'm thinking most people will probably wear black. I can't wear my red dress. So I get my DD new dress she just bought and try it on. It's fits!!. I was so tickeled with myself. All I could think about was how glad I was I had lost this 67 pounds. I actually looked decent. I was a little self conscientious about my arms (it was spaghetti straps), but it came with a little shaw. But it made me feel so good about myself. I knew I had accomplished something and I can accomplish the rest of my goal. I hate to brag, but if it gives anyone any motivation I'm glad. It really motivated me. So much that when dinner was served and there were mashed potatoes on the plate, and my DH told me to treat myself, I told him not on my life would I touch those potatoes. Nor the derby pie that they put in front of me. DH ate both pieces. LOL. So Deb you are right, there is Joy in Accomplishment!!

Of course my bubble was burst some Sunday when I spent the morning shopping for bathing suits. Can you ever tone up all this skin??? Someone said it earlier. Why didn't I do this 20 years ago!!!

To catch up now:

Sef, Sounds like you and Melf had a great visit. Lucky you to get to meet her. We want pictures.

Yellow Rose, Glad you are feeling better. Thnks for the BF suggetions. I used to cross stich, I loved it, so relaxing. But the eyesight and carpal tunnel has ceased that.

Mel, A size 4. Who Hoo is right. That is wonderful. I will never see a 4. I'll be happy in a 10. Way to Go. I know what you mean about the skin.

Monet, Glad you found everything for your ensamble. You will look lovely. I Know it's going to be a hectic week. Relax and try to enjoy the wedding.

Tranquil, You should be on cloud 9. You have done great. Keep up the good work.

Beth, Congrats to your son. What a nice feeling. Good luck in the tournament.

Music, Glad you're back.

Toni, Congrats on staying OP. It is a great feeling isn;t it?

Deb, sounds like your busy, but at least it's with DH and enjoyable.

Tree, WTG on 3# loss. 127 WOW.

HSMama, That's the great thing about this board. Lots of support. I can't wait to read the posts. It really helps keep you going. Congrats onb eing OP 4 days. WOW

ChrisB, You souind like me. I had so many boxes of clothes stored in the basement. All sizes. I will admit that some of them are a little out of style though and had to be pitched. I am down to my last box of things now. I never thought I would ever wear them again. It's a good feeling.

Gumbo, Welcome. This is a great place to work on your weight. SB is a wonderful WOE. I'm so glad I found it. You will get all the support you need here and friendship too. Welcome.

tranquil, Sounds like you had a nice visist with Nelf too.

Jbug, Post whatever helps you. Post after each meal if you need to. We are here to help one another. You can do this, You just have to make that choice.

Sef, Sandals is a good start. Anything to reward yourself. Keep going. You can do this.

Fruit, I don't think 1 shot of metho will hurt you. It's the continued affect that can cause damage. I have been taking it for the last 3-4 years so I have to watch it. Will be thinking of your TUes on your surgery.((((HUGS)))) I would love to have you join us on the cruise. Bring some friends. If you ever come to Lex again, call me. I will get tickets and come down.

lowco, 10#'s WTG. Keep up the good work!!

Sef, Keeping your son in my prayers for his surgery. Hope all goes well.

Gracious. SOunds like your house is coming along nicely. 10#'s from goal. Just do it! LOL. I'm starting to slow down a little too. It's makes it harder. The closer you get the more you think it's ok to eat bad things. Hang in there I know you can do it.

Have a great day. Hope to get back later.

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Good Sunday Morning Everyone

Starting this post as I sit here cooling down. I know it won't be finished before I have to leave for the day with ELI, but at least I can start and then continue on later.

Just got in from my walk, did my 4.5 miles in 50:45, no great times these days, the heat is just too unbearable to try and kill myself to go faster. I didn't get in much walking this week due to the weather we've been having, lots of rain and thunderstorms does NOT make for good walking.

Lauren had a wonderful time at her dance. I have to find someone that has a scanner to share a picture with you. When I get film developed I usually have them put on line, but her Dad got them done and didn't do it.

Yesterday was garage sale day and there were very few of them out there. What I got was mostly for my Mom, little perfume bottles that she collects, among a few other odds and ends. I didn't buy all that much for myself, just an ENZO purse for $2 and a LAWN MOWER that the guy wanted $40 for $15. I figured it was about time Michael started to earn a bit of money if he wants to do the lawn, or ELI would do it for free -though I'm sure he'll get something in return

My eating has been great and I've been really happy with being back OP. Last night we were invited out to dinner and I was going to get the steak (which I shoud of), but instead got eggplant parm. There was so much cheese smothered on there by the time I scraped it and the very thin breading off there was only 3 very thin slice of eggplant under it all-wasn't impressed-though ELI had the steak and I had a bite of that and it was good. This Tuesday I have a dinner to go to with the board from the school and I'm hoping that won't be a problem, as it wasn't last year. Come dessert time I just picked one and had them box it up without bringing it to the table and brought it home.

And that's been about it, I think! Life's a bore for me, really, nothing exciting to share.

Okay, now time for me to try and reply to all these wonderful posts!!!

TRANQUIL, have to be careful with the triscuits. I lent out my SB BOOK, but I thought that 3-4 was a serving, as TONI mentioned as well, though I'm not sure what a serving size is on the box. If what you posted the other day was a typical menu, I'm wondering if you are eating enough. It amazes me how people can suffer through a heart attack and continue doing exactly the same thing they've done that caused this to happen-and they say smoking isn't addictive?!? How's DS doing at Grandma's-how are you doing without him? Glad to hear you had a nice visit with MELF and family-I'm sure someone took some pictures, right?

TONI, not sure if there's a TRADER JOES in Springfield, you can check their website to see Even if you are able to find one within a few hours drive from where you are, it's worth it!

DARAMUS, I figured by now you got your answer on your weight and body fat. I'm sure you're just building up all that wonderful muscle that weighs more than the fat you are losing-keep up the great work!

BETH, before you know it, 50 feet will turn in to 100 feet. I wouldn't of believed it if I didn't do it myself! You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish. Nice tatoo! CONGRATS to DS and his team!!!

JENN, big tatoo you have! WOW. If I ever thought about getting one it sure would have to be small, with all the wrinkles on this old body of mine, it would probably look like a prune, no matter what I had done.

JACKK, no date for Lauren, wouldn't allow it even if she wanted, too young-no, she just went with her friends and had a great time. Are you flying in to Ft. Lauderdale when you come for your cruise? Do you know what you time frame is from the time you arrive here until you leave? I'd love to be able to meet you somehow when the time comes-let me know!!! Kudos to you for getting out of bed on Friday and getting in your walk when you could of slept in-doesn't that make you feel great! Thanks for sharing the your account of the dinner and the dress-congrats for all you've accomlished!!! You are braver than I, my dear, I wouldn't even think of wearing a bathing suit in my house, not even a birthday suit-not sure which is worse! I think if you haven't yo-yoed up and down with your weight as I have for my entire life that it's possible to tone up arms-mine are beyond toning and the only thing that would ever help my wings is surgery

SEF, glad to hear you had a wonderful time with MELF and that she FINALLY got some pictures of our infamous Shirley!! Can't wait to see that mug of yours. I'm so happy you finally had a chance to meet up with her. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful details of your visit. Sounds like you put out quite a spread for everyone. I hope you'll continue to have the chance to meet others in the near future. The WW Muffins I get are from WHOLE FOODS, their own brand-they are simply wonderful! I do have recipes for WW muffins, may be one already posted on one of the old recipe boards if I'm not mistaken. Me do a cheesecake pose-LOL!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!! When is DS's surgery? I had the something similar above my left ear, did it outpatient-thankfully, they didn't have to shave but a small patch of hair. Hope all goes well with him-let us know.

BOB, glad to hear you're feeling better. To answer your e-mail, I put the recipe boards up at the stop as sticky threads. With so many boards, they tend to get lost on later pages and I thought having them at the top would be more beneficial-any thoughts? I told Michael about BB, he's happy they brought back THE MOLE, I'll probably watch the Hamptons, see how the other half lives. I want Amazing Race back, love that show!!!

MEL, wasting away I see, boy, size 4-CONGRATS! You are definitely smaller than I. Tell me, when you cut out the starchy carbs for yourself, do you notice any difference on your weight loss, or is it just how the way you feel. Today is my 5th day of no starchy carbs and honestly, I can't even say why I've done this other than to see if the scale will go down any better. Won't continue doing it for long though, but will limit it to 1-2 a day-it had gotten out of hand for a while.

NANCE, I'm with you on not having a tatoo but yet sporting some major veins and stretch marks, along with surgical scars! I loved your antidote to CHRIS for those donuts and other gross foods-I'll have to remember those next time I want to have something off plan! I'm all for the move to Ferndale-when will my room be ready??? As long as it's near a TJ's, I allow this move. Hope the scales are down for you and you didn' go all out over the weekend eating off plan-can't be good on the weekdays only to screw it up royally during the weekend-sorta counter productive, don't you think? Great going on the cholesterol numbers!

GRACIOUS, how did all the tests come back? Hope all the numbers are good. Sounds like the graduation ceremony went wonderful for DS! I bet he was adorable!! Did the mascara run? As for the weight, remember, it's just a number and if you feel good at your present weight, then fine. If you lose anything more, than that's great, but if not, you are liking how you feel now. I would say to give yourself a cushion and not go over that set number, and if you do, get staunch and right back OP to get rid of those excess pounds.

MONET, glad to hear you'll be properly clothed for the wedding-suit and all the accesories sound just perfect and I'm sure you'll look smashing in your new duds. Glad to hear you got DD her shoes so easily. It's the little joys like this that make life wonderful!!!

FRUIT, me seal the grout, no way, too much grout. If I thought my arse hurt before, this would surely put me in a butt cast. I made my small family room into my kitchen as well, and my tile runs into my dining room too-so there's LOTS of it. No, this is a job for SUPER FRUIT, not Deb! Good luck with the surgery tomorrow. Please let us know how things went ASAP!!

MAMA, things will definitely get easier as time marches on. Not only do I think it's wonderful that you are taking hold of your weight situation, but to be trying all these wonderful and delicious new foods is opening a whole new tasting experience for you as well. I do want you to make SURE you are eating enough. If you don't, not only will you stop losing, but your metabolism is going to slow down considerably. Don't think less is better, not when it comes to caloric intake. This may be why you are so tired, something that can easily be remedied. I suggest posting a day of everything you've eaten so we can help assess how this is going for you.

ZANNE, glad to see you back in the swing of things. I too feel much better when I get my usual exercise in. Thanks for the explanation of foot and mouth, sure sounds icky. Glad to hear he's doing better. How does one get that?

COUNTRY, it is true, those who eat breakfast tend to do better not only in weight loss, but how they feel the rest of the day. Remember, breakfast, the word, comes from breaking the fast from the night time. You can definitely become a breakfast person, it's a change for the better. LOL! I haven't a clue about what type of bow I TRIED shooting. I wasn't very good trust me. Aussie pups? How many? What are you going to do with them, sell? How's the blind one doing?

TREE, CONGRATS on dropping those 3 pounds! Sounds like some good choices for protein you now have. Dairy doesn't bother me at all and I've been reading so many reports on how dairy seems to HELP weight loss. I do drink Lactaid Extra Calcium though, not because I'm lactorse intolerant, but ELI is and it's easier to buy just 2 milks instead of 3 (kids have their own that I use as well), but I like the extra calcium and it's lower in calories than the store brand extra calcium-also helps that I have a ton of coupons too

ROSE, which Mexican rest. did you go to in Hendersonville? I wonder if it's the one by the FOOD LION, my Mom said she heard it was good there-let me know where and what your take of it was. Which HFS did you hit up there? Hope you are feeling much better.

CHRIS, I'm sure you'll be pulling those boxes of smaller clothes out before you know it. I too am not a big bread/carb lover, but put something like a sweet cookie in front of me, a piece of cake, then the combo of carbs and sweet makes me crazy! One piece is NOT going to kill you, nor will too. It's the problem when it gets out of hand!!

GUMBO, WELCOME TO THE BOARD!! Glad you've decided to join us I'm sure you'll drop those pounds and we're all here to help and support you. There's quite a few teachers on this board as well, so you are in good company in more ways than one. Where exactly are you from??? With the name GUMBO, I'm guessing one of two places.

JBUG, I take it that almost all of us on this board has been on a diet before, probably more than one and here we find ourselves once again having to lose weight. I think we need to find out WHY we keep self-sabotaging ourselves. There's underlying problems I believe. Mine was trying to please others, and being an emotional eater, for the most part. Also, I found that when I stuck with SB that the emotional eating portion stopped, it's like the sugar had something to do with it, hard to explain. Is it that you see the difference, but need it validated? Not a psychologist at all, just throwing in my 2 cents.

LOWCO, Congrats on your loss, 10lbs is wonderful.

Well, here it is MONDAY and I'm now caught up with individual posts-took me long enough, eh?

This morning SOMEONE was tossing and turning in the bed and woke me up around 5am-figured since I was up and that I had to take Michael and then Lauren to school that I'd get in my walk/jog in, so at 5:30am ( or as NANCE says, dark o'thirty), I was out the door and did my exercise in 46:10-not bad when the sun ain't shinning!!

Yesterday ELI and I went for lunch and then to see ABOUT A BOY which I liked very much. Afterwards we hit the Carbolite place, had them put 3 flavors in the cup-vanilla, blueberry and NY cheesecake-yummy!

My computer is making the worst grinding noise and I'm in fear that I'll soon be screaming the blues-not sure what the heck to do, don't have the $$$ for a new computer and surely don't know a dang thing about what to buy if I did-but it may come down to the point that I have absolutely no alternative if this one is dying a slow death and I come home to find it a goner.

Well, I'm headed into the kitchen to get something to eat for breakfast. Good news is I've about already had 1.5 liters of water this morning-go Debbie, go!!!

I'll check back later with everyone!

Have a wonderful week!

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get these up to share with you. Here's a pic of MEL & I at the Carbolite place!
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UGGHH!! I have pics of FROG to post and they were deleted on line already! Have to find someone with a scanner now
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Good Morning everyone!

I had a really busy weekend. I finished painting the kitchen last night, and did some touch up this morning. Now all the interior decorating is done, and I just need to concentrate on wedding stuff. I hardly know where to begin! I am NOT a detail person, so I am sure I am going to realize come Friday afternoon, there are a number of things I was supposed to do that did not get done. Thankfully, I am an extremely laid back person, so I will not stress out over the little things that are not done!

Today, we make cream cheese mints, and clean. Tomorrow, we clean. Wednesday, we clean. Thursday, I have to do cakes, and everyone else has to ....clean. I feel like the house is a pigsty! Tomorrow is trash day, and I am determined to have lots of stuff to put on the curb. A nurse friend of mine says she gives her house an enema every six that is what I plan to do...give the house an enema!

I have been relatively good about staying on program, but have had a few slips here and there. Weight seems to be holding ok, however. I would love to drop another few pounds before the wedding, just so my clothes will be looser (they are not TOO tight...just would like the feeling of more room).

Hope I can check in regularly this week. Tomorrow is my sister's surgery for breast cancer. Please keep her in your prayers.

Have a great week, everyone!
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Exclamation Fly By....

Just got off work, heading to BED!!!!!!!

My Triscuit box says 7 is a serving
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Hi all. I'm here at school but with no kids in the building. Sarah has basketball camp this week, so I'm hanging out in my room while she does that. I did get my walk in after I delivered her to the gym.That's the first in a loooong time, so I was really puffing. I've decided that it's time to really get serious about staying OP, so recommitment time for me. I start teaching a music class at the community college this afternoon so that will be something to keep me busy for a couple of weeks. Also my mom has her appt with the oncologist this afternoon, so please keep her in mind and prayers. Well, it looks like they are about done in the gym, so I'll sign off for now. Hopefully I can check in more often this summer.
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Default Hi from SUNNY FLA!!!

OK, I'm at the public library, so I don't have long, but wanted to pop in & say We had a great trip here. A little longer on the road because of our stops, but OHHHHHHHHH What JOY those stops were.

Shirley, again, thanks for your gracious hospitality! The lunch was wonderful, but finally getting to meet you was definitely the high-light of the day! My DS & BIL also had a good time & still talking about who much they enjoyed the visit. Tranquil told me about the spider incident in the pool. LOL

Sorry, the rude librarian just came told me to get off... I'll check in later.
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Angry Happy Monday

Hi all:

Today will be my first day with a personal trainer - ahhhh!!! I am scared! But, excited. My muscles and bones were screaming last night because I set up the antique twin bed I am storing for a friend in my guest room, moved my great grandmaís dresser in there - cleaned drawers - threw out tons of junk and gave away stuff as well - and now after hanging curtains, pictures, shelves, etc., I have a lovely guest room for anyone who decides they want to visit me I am tackling childís room next! Nightmare!!!

Gracious - Glad to hear little one did well singing!! Bargain shopping, so much fun! After I met Melf I ran over to the Liz Claiborne outlet store and bought a gorgeous top for $9.99 - originally somewhere in the $50 range!!! Feels good You know the right weight for yourself and when to stop losing Keep up the good work!!!!!

Jack-K - You are an inspiration!!! Your post hits home on me You Go Girl with fitting in your DDís dress!!!! Donít let the bathing suit burst your bubble! You need to think about how you looked in a bathing suit 67 pounds heavier! Also Kudos for turning down
dessert and potatoes!!! Yahooo!!!!!

Sef - That is so great about your shopping too! Everyone has been doing so well with getting smaller clothes! Hope all goes well with your son!

Deb - Do you know how much of a goal setter you are for me? I am so eager to get to 4.5 miles on my evening walks! I know what you mean about the heat - I am now carrying water with me and sometimes want to just wear it, not drink it! Good going on the Enzo purse.... I am going to cut down on the Triscuits . Deb, that is my typical day - I donít really eat too much because I am so busy. That is why I have to be careful when I get home now not to overeat to compensate for it = I will go to the grocery store after work today and get some healthy (no starcy carb, good for you) snacks - some veggies to chop up, fruit, etc. DS called last night and he is happy and settled in with Gramma....they are doting on far I am doing well without him, been keeping very busy at the house so not to miss him. He wonít call me until Thursday evening.... I know he will be fine My friend is supposed to download the photo she took of Melf
and I today and email it to me.....

Monet - Good thoughts and Prayers your sisterís way!!!!

Beth - Sweet dreams!!!

Music - Good thoughts and Prayers your momís way.... Good for you with walk!

Well I have to get to work!

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Good morning everyone. Hope your week-end was great.. Mine was just fine.. I finally got out and walked at a campground yesterday evening. I sure couldn't go far, 20 minutes about killed me. I also worked with some small weight on my arms and shoulders. So today I'm so stiff. I'll get around shortley and loosen up. I hope I do as good the rest of the week as I did yesterday. My eating is going well. I'm having a little trouble getting enough vegetables and my fruit in. I'll try a little harder today on that..

Tranquil- Oh you lucky lady, a personal trainer! Good luck, I'm sure it will be great.... Your room sounds so nice. I just love antiques and old stuff... Most of my house is done in it...

music teach-Good luck on your recommitment. I know thats so hard to do and I commend anyone that does this... Prayers for you Mother..
And good wishes for your new class at the colledge..

Monet-Guess you need to start writing down as you think of something and then you can go back and do it. That usually works for me. Sounds like you are so busy and what a gal... Yum the cream cheese mints sound good. Prayers for your sister tomorrow... Maybe you'll be able to stay OP and doing all that work is lots of exercise. Hopefully you can lose a few lbs..

Debilli-Oh lady you do so good with your walks, that would be a dream to be able to walk that far in under an hour. Would love to see the pictures of Lauren. I'm so glad she had a good time.. You always seem to find the best bargains.... Thank you so much for the web site.. I book marked it so I can go check it out. Hope you're computer is alright sounds like its in pain... Like the Joy in effort motivational!! It does make one stop and think...

Jack-K- double wow about the dress. What a thrill that must of been. I can dream someday I'll be down and can buy something new and think I really do look good in it. Of course my dream is a real size of jeans... I didn't like me in a bathsuit when I was small.. I know all the after affects of me being so heavy the last few years has made it so I'll never get in something like a bathing suit. Oh well.... You've done so good and lost so much...... I can't believe what a long way you've come, I look at your numbers and am in Ahhhh of you....

Gracious- I'll bet your house is looking so good... Gee just ten lbs from goal... Maybe you could plan ahead for your week-end meals and have things in the freezer that are quick to heat and eat.. Hang in there you're so close and should be so proud. How is the look on your face going to be when you step on that scale and you've made it... Really made it to your goal...

Well guess its time to sign off for now.... Need to go to town and get some things done.... Have a great day everyone....

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