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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 6/11-6/17

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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This week we have 2 birthdays to help celebrate, both being tomorrow, June 12th.


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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Okay, I must first confess to you all about what took place yesterday-


Hey, can you tell I'm excited?!? Okay, back down to reality. I KNOW I will fluctuate and I will go up, esp. since my TOM is due the end of this week, but just to see those numbers come up yesterday morning-was like heaven! Sorry I didn't mention it yesterday, but I figured, what the heck, this was Monday Morning News!!!

On Sat I hit 130 and when I got on the scale in the evening (yes, I did get on the scale at night) and saw 131, well, I was just praying the next day would be good, and it was! Sunday, I called Eli into the bathroom so I would have a witness to the 129! THEN, I was worried that if the scale went back up Monday morning, I would not be making the announcement-luckily and happily, I am able to make it

THANK YOU ALL for helping me reach this goal! Without you, I know I wouldn't of been able to achieve this. This board and all of you on it has been a godsend and you are all angels in my eyes! I hope and pray to be able to celebrate with all of you as each one of you reaches your goal. It's worth every effort to stick with this WOE, it does work!

I'm not DONE yet. I want to lose another 5lbs to get to 124 now-a cushion so to speak. Whenever, or should I say, if ever, that happens is fine. I may not be able to lose another 5lbs. I will continue eating as I have been and whatever happens, happens. I've reached my intended goal weight and that's the number I aim to stay at.

FYI, it's been 1 year, 2 months and 18 days for me to reach goal-boy, did it go fast!!!!!

It's MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY and here's my contribution:


Is it really all that difficult to let go of your resentment, to calm your anger, to move beyond your disappointment? It's only as difficult as you think it is. Is it really so difficult to focus your thoughts and to act with discipline? It's only as difficult as you think it is.

Is it really so difficult to persist, even when the obstacles are powerful and the going is rough? Is it really so difficult to bring yourself to get back up when you've been solidly knocked down? It is only as difficult as you think it is.

The attitudes and efforts which lead to success and accomplishment are difficult only when you decide to make them so. Consider what would happen if you were to think of them as natural, desirable and easily within your reach.

Rather than fighting against a positive, productive life by imagining it to be difficult, move into that life by imagining it to be completely right for you. Success is not as difficult as you might imagine. It is yours to achieve as soon as you go ahead and accept that you can, and you will.

-- Ralph Marston

NANCE, you don't know how I wanted to tell you yesterday that I hit goal! You get the boobie prize as you were the only one who noticed I hadn't posted my stats in 2 days. Again, thanks for the chat yesterday

Okay, as you can see, it's early for me, so I am going to get ready and celebrate with an early morning walk. I'll check in with you all later this morning. Have no great plans, kids get out of school early all this week, so not much time to get things done before picking them up.

Please remember TOMORROW IS TUESDAY TIPS so if you have any good tips that you'd like to share with the board, please, try to post them tomorrow. And another reminder that TOMORROW NIGHT IS CHAT AT 9:15PM EST!! Hope you all can make it!

Have a wonderful week!

SB since 3/22/00

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Default Congrats Debelli

Congrats, Deb, on reaching your goal!!!! Thanks for your support for me too!
Happy birthday to all you June babes and Lads!! I'm jUne too. June 24th and will be 56. EEEEEEK!
Where do I put my Bio information? Can't quite figure?
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Default Congratulations, Debbie!

We are all so happy for you. Now another journey begins, but such a good one for you. We are doing the happy dance with you.

BTW, does the sponge cake serve 10 regular servings. I'm having a party July 4 for my daughter, who is quitting smoking on that day. We are calling it "Independence Day!" in honor of the national holiday and also because it is the day of her independence from the evil weed. I'm making T-shirts; we will have good food; she can invite her friends; we will watch the movie "independence day" and we will set off some legal fireworks. I'm thinking of using the cake as a base for either strawberry or peach shortcake. Since I haven't made it yet, is it tall, like an angel food cake, or is it just about 2" tall, like the sponge cakes I've seen? Do you think it will work well in shortcake? Any suggestions for a menu?

I hope UF girl finds her way over here.
It will be great to have TWO fans of the greatest school around.
Big Orange, will you be able to stand it!?

Also, the 3FC board was listed in Forbes "Best of the Web" as one of the best web sites for nutrition and diet. It was not listed as the TOP site, but one of the best. They suggested about 6. They said that the worst thing about the site was that Amy (one of the fat chicks) was no longer journaling!!

Talking about 3FC, what are we gonna do about this site? I would hate for 3FC to close down because they couldn't afford it. I'm not surprised that the donations dropped off. It might be something that they should consider-that this would be a subscription only website. Probably would lose a few people with that. We are so used to web pages being "free". But if every single user, with all those WW boards under 3FC, subscribing to $3 or so per month, I, for one, could certainly handle that!!!

Have a great day everyone. I usually weigh in on Mondays. I've been counting calories on Fitday for 10 days now and have not dropped an ounce. Been SB legal and very faithful. Hmmmm.
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That is sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!! You must been doing the happy dance all over the house! WOW!!!DOUBLE WOW
You are the bomb!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! I'm surprised you didn't posted how many hours along with the year, months and days!!! Now you will be really psyched to get to your new mimi-goal! You should post your worst before picture and difiantely post your after picture for all us to worship each morning so we can chant that change is possible! You are living proof of that!

Have you every seen the four part series "A Year in Provence", Inspector Morse plays the lead! It's one of my all time favorite books and they made it into a movie! Maybe we can figure out a recipe for SB Scones with SF Devonshire cream and plan a TEA!
Wouldn't that be nice!

If we lived next door to each other you'd be borrowing from the movie collection. I have just about every Jane Austen film! Yes, I saw Pride and Prejudice! My Mom taped it and we watched it over and over....Yes, Mr. Darcy is a doll. Do you know that Colin Firth is in the Bridget Jones Diary??? Another favorite film, another one of Janes, is Sense and Sensibility. Have that too! I think my favorite is Emma (love that one with Gwenth) and the PBS version with the herion in brown hair...did you see that one?

All I can say is I'm with you girlfriend, but the best thing to do is "JUST DO IT". I hate to get up and exercise, but I always feel better when I do, and I especially enjoy going for walks...being outside with nature gives you a sense of peace in an otherwise crazy world. I especially like to go early in the morning, when I feel like I have everything to myself!

What year did you have your surgery? Can I ask what you weighed before you had the surgery performed? How much weight have you lost on SB? There is a book that my sister was telling me about, with no mention of any one particular diet, but the first portion of the book is about people who lost a significant amount of weight and have kept it off for 5+ years. It's called "Eating thin for Life" by An Fletcher, M.S., R.D. She has two books out that I saw when I was at Barnes and Nobles yesterday. My sister said there is some really good info. in the book.

What have you been up to?????

Well, I guess I caught that life preserver and am not floating down stream. I stayed OP yesterday! Must have made up for the other 1/2 can of chick peas that Debbie didn't eat though because I had to chew 2, not one, gas-x, to get things mildly under control...don't know what I ate that caused such problems.
I figured the only thing safe was to drink more water and flush it out! I'm so happy this is going to be a short work week for me. I am taking off Friday and oldest sister from No. Cal is coming to town (we only see each other about 2 times a year) and the rest of my brothers and other sister are also coming down. Should be loads of fun!

Well time to get ready for work!
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Row, row your boat gently down the street,
Sadly, sadly, sadly life is not a treat!

Before I read the Board I thought I'd let you know how we are faring. We are very lucky here, we live on high ground! 22' above sea level!

Don't know what you have seen on TV, but Slidell and environs have been deluged the last week. We had about 12-13" and just received 7-8" more!

The pool has overflowed several times. We have been up most of the night. The pool was under a few inches of water, as well as the back yard. Kevin pumped the pool and that helped a little. He turned off the
spa, AC and pump. Dug a trench through the side flower bed. Opened the gate. Dug under the side windows. Although we are not awash in the house the water did seep in so the rug at the side wall is wet.

Slidell is flooded. Kevin couldn't get to work. Nor can Lori, the office is under water. Gause Blvd. is flooded. If caught there is a $500 fine for driving fast through lesser flooded areas and the wash from the cars can do damage.

The rain is supposed to let up this afternoon. There has been tornado touchdowns in MS.

Only last week the Gov was asking people to pray for rain. A lot of prayers must have gone up and been answered individually. Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

So we are all safe here with minor damage. But some poor souls have really been hit, with their houses awash and belongings lost.

We are surrounded by wayer and can not leave our development.
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DEB - Way to go girl!!! Three cheers! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip
Hooray! I'm sure you are dancing for joy!

You deserve a note all by yourself! I hope that you will not desert us now that you are a loser!

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NANCE - Is that the one where Robert Shaw plays a priest? I saw that one but can't remember the title. Just know it was good! Robert Shaw can put his shoes under my bed anytime!!!!

Now that scone idea sounds a worthy challenge! I'll have to put on my Chef's Thinking Hat and see what we can come up with! It'll be after we dry out here. We are stranded.

Glad you caught the life preserver! Maybe you should toss it back this way and I could use it for real!

Have a good time with your family!
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I agree with NANCEMEISTER! We want pictures! That would be so motivating to see the results of your tenacious diligence to follow this WOE and exercising. You truly are an inspiration!!

KAREN - Don't know how valid the information is, but I read somewhere that the body's need for protein is often manifested by a craving for chocolate. I have tried to eat protein or have a protein shake when I get the chocolate cravings and have found that MOST of the time it satisfies the craving. Now, sometimes, ya just GOTTA have some chocolate - SB legal, of course! We go whitewater rafting on the Chatooga and the Ocoee and stay at an adorable B&B in Ducktown, TN. I don't think you could go wrong anywhere in TN. I hope your son knows he has to get a job in TN when he graduates.

DEBBIE - I can see where they get the name MONSTRA for that fruit! It is freaky looking.

SEF - I hope the water goes down quickly! You LA and TX gals are in my prayers. We don't want ALL that water, but sure could use more of it for these forest fires in the Orlando area (ok, my yard could use some of it, too). Your mahi-mahi sounds very tasty! We like simple, too. My favorite is salmon steaks or orange roughy cooked on top of sauteed Vidalia onions. LOL! at your "pick up xxxx on your way home" challenges! I'll bet you're quite the competitor at Boggle. I used to LOVE playing that game when I was growing up.

KIM - That kinda bothers me that he didn't tell you anything. They don't need a coroner to tell them if the person was stabbed, shot, appeared to fall from a heart attack, etc. They don't need a coroner to tell them if they are treating it as a suspicious death. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you were blown off (nicely, but still blown off) and that aggravates me. I would probably go up the ladder and ask to speak to a captain or the chief/sheriff himself and tell him/her that I tried to get information and just need to know what happened so I can feel safe and settle it in my mind. The head honchos are politicians and have to keep the public happy to keep their jobs. They tend to be a little more eager to take care of the citizens sometimes. I used to be intimidated by police officers, but being married to one, they are real people and they have good days and bad days just like anyone else. (Funny though, I do get nervous when Vince is driving another vehicle beind me! "Am I driving okay?" "Am I driving too fast?" "Do I run the yellow light or stop?".....) Anyway, I hope you get answers. Okay, now I'm jealous!! You have black-eyed susans??? AND lambs ear?? I LOVE THOSE and can't find them down here!! They probably aren't Florida safe plants. I want daisies, too, but can't find them already growing to plant and I haven't been too successful growing from seeds.

NANCE - I wrote down the name of that book. Sounds very motivating to read. Enjoy your short week, but don't forget about us - we'd be going through NANCE withdrawals and that wouldn't be pretty! I LOL'd at Floyd frollicking through the fields with Skeeter. Must be nice to be able to tickle your own belly - even in your dreams.

BOB - Glad the phone has been ring-free! I thought of you and FILLISE while watching all the horse racing this week-end. Funny, I never really watch that, but knowing that you and FILLESE like it, I didn't turn the channel. Vince was laughing at me cheering for these horses I don't even know. That Jorge was a jockey for 2 races this week-end on very good horses. Those horses are beautiful and I love how you can really see the muscles in their bodies ripple and move as they trot and run.

SPARKLE - What beautiful scenery!! And Martin looks like a mighty fun roomie to have! My best room -mates have been men. The only hassle was one who put on a 1/2 bottle of cologne before going out to the clubs. I could smell him before I could see him! Thanks for sharing the pics with us! MELF, her husband THURMAN, and GATORGAL and I met for lunch. It was great!! 'Course I wish we could all afford to fly over there to meet you - but then we might not make it home....

IDBLOND - Hope you're continuing to heal up nicely and quickly! I'm really glad you have a dentist who takes an interest and is caring enough that you can trust. That makes a big difference. HOOORAY!! about the watch being too big now! That's a great feeling!

ICESKATEFAN - I don't like to drive in the rain either! I have to turn off the radio, scoot the seat up and I keep my face as close to the windshield as I can - like that really helps! I'm like QUILTER - if the gut says stay home that's what I do. I hope the weather gets better for you LA gals!

CATLOVER - Glad the water is going down in your area. I hope it continues to get better for everyone. I have never thought of cooking my roast with Rotel tomatoes - what an awesome idea!!! I love hot and spicy foods AND I love Rotel tomatoes so it only makes sense that would make a delectible roast!! I listen to books on tape that I check out for free at the local library. I LOVE Robin Cook's books - medical mystery/thrillers and I have a rule that I can only listen to them when I'm walking so it really motivates me to make time to walk (that, and I have to listen to them before they're due back to the library).

RHOO - So glad to see you back!! We miss you when you're not here!!

Well, I watered the yard with sweat on Saturday mowing the yard, weeding around the bushes and planting flowers. I forgot to put on sunscreen and my peaches and cream shoulders got roasted in the sun. (ouch!) I've been doing my tricep exercises to get rid of the double wave and noticed that sweeping the driveway does a good work out on them, too. Vince was working at the hangar on Saturday and while I was putting everything away I heard a helicopter coming near so I stood in the middle of the driveway and lo and behold! Here comes my honey in the helicopter and they circled the house really low a couple of times!! They hovered for a little while (probably laughing at me jumping up and down and waving in the driveway). I felt like a high school teenager getting all giddy because her boyfriend drove by in his car. I'm sure the neighbors are convinced we're criminals or lu lu by now. It made my day.

MELF will be back tomorrow! She may have photos to post, too. I'm a slacker and haven't gotten mine developed yet.

Sorry for the book, y'all. I'll try to be more brief next time.
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DEB - You gave us the best news I've had in a long time! I'm so happy for you You kept at it until you got there, even though it took you longer than you first thought--and you didn't give up. That will be such an inspiration for each of us!
We are all so very proud of you and your accomplishment!

SEF - Boy, my heart goes out to you and all the people in your area in this tough time. I can't imagine the stress you are under. Hope all the rain goes away and it starts to dry out today!

Happy Birthday Cheri and Frog!!!! Have a wonderful day and hope you get to do lots of fun things!

IDBLOND - hang in there! Sounds like this time around it's a little better for you! Post when you are feeling up to it.

Solshine - Thanks for the info. I like to make shakes but I haven't been out looking for good protein ones. What do you use? If we go to TN our son would have to go also, but he likes it down there too! What a mother hen, huh?

Rhoo - Wow - you keep on truckin' girl! You are doing great! You are also a great inspiration for the rest of us!

Well, this is the first day off of summer vacation for DS and we have a ton of errands to run. We are putting new windows in the entire house, new siding and new roof. Have to get all the financing arranged and the schedules coordinated, yadda, yadda, yadda. Have a great week everyone!

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DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I knew you would do it!!!! I had a huge grin when i read your post!!!!! Don't tell to many people you plan on going lower you know how they get!! I really would like to get under 135 but for now thats my goal! I am very happy for you-you are my motivation for today!!
Had a terrible week end eating wise!! I can do sooooo well then blow it! Even though i was up already (BUT still under 140!) I went out with hubby to dinner then we went to Dariy Queen! He sabotages me ALOT! but he didn't shove it in my face-then of course the sugar is flowing in my veins and Sunday was better but not that great-same old story for me! LOL I didn't even get to excersise yesterday Today is a new day I did my tape journaling and drinking some crystal light amd making my veggie soup. We have a busy week this week-my daughters recital is Fri and Sat. We have a 50th wedding anniversary party on Sat. then Fathers Day on Sun. I really wanted to be lookin good this week end! I bought some cute sleeveless dresses that i have not worn yet -weather is not good latley here but getting better. Well enought about me!!!

HAPPY JUNE Birthdays!!!

Sol-thanks for missing me!!

Have to go and clean this pit!!!

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Well Happy Monday to everyone. Happy birthday to all the birthdays this month. Well I have been mostly OP for the last 3 weeks. I have had a few moments of complete breakdown but have dearly paid for it in the bathroom afterwards. On night we had people over for dinner and someone brought chips and dip. I thought I would have just one but I couldnt help myself and planted myself right there. I also on last thurday I didnt have my breakfast and waited way to long to eat lunch and was passing McDonalds and found myself in the drivethru. I planned on getting a chicken shaker but no I had to get a Qtr lb'r w/ cheese and then proceeded to go LARGE. Well I wont be doing that anytime soon LOL. Didn't get any sleep that night.

Deb - I am so happy for you that you hit your goal. What a feeling that must be. I am with the other girls I think before and after pics are in order.

IDBlond - I live in the San Fernando Valley. I would be happy to chat anytime you are online. I am on ICQ, MSN, and AOL. My numbers and screen names are in my bio.

For you TX and LA ladies I hope the water starts to receed soon. I remember when I lived in Houston and when it flooded and it was awful but I have never been in anything like what you are going thru now.

Everyone else hope you havd a wonderful weekend.
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Afternoon All!

Thought I was going to be able to get in another morning post, but Mom's car gave out on her and I had to run to her house and take her to get the part so she could get Old Besty towed to the garage and repaired.

Got in my 4.5 miles today, was happy to get out there, though it was a little later than I had hoped, Michael's ride was a few minutes late, and I get nutsy, so I waited until he left. Anyhow, I did 16 jogs within my walk in 55 1/2 minutes. For some reason my legs just felt like lead today-does anyone else get like that?

Was up really early today-I guess I was excited to see if the scale was going to cooperate today-I was just dying to tell you the good news! I think tomorrow night during chat, we should all do a on cue HAPPY DANCE, not only for me, but for all of us and what we've been able to accomplish so far!!

I hope you don't mind me giving those of you who've congratulated me a collective and heart felt THANK YOU!!!!!

SNOOKS, thank you so much for the congrats. The support you get on this board will take you to goal-just stick with us. As for the BIO BOARD, just click on the link below, the rest is self-explanitory:

Thanks for the heads up about your birthday, would hate leaving you out on such an important day!!

GATOR, thanks for the congrats. I know one day I'll be saying the same to you too. I would definitely say you could easily get 10 servings from the sponge cake. Not as tall as an angel food cake, but if you get the eggs whipped pretty good, it's higher than 2". I would think it would be perfect-and besides, once you put the fruit in/on, it will be higher. Suggestions for a menu, from me? The one who hates to cook? Chicken on the bbq, that's where my ideas start/stop Sounds like a fun day planned! Not sure what Suzanne plans on doing, but thank goodness, should the site ever go down, I have everyone's e-mail addresses who are active and that are listed on the BIO BOARD!!

NANCE, thanks for the congrats! I expect to be saying the same thing to you in the not-so-distant future! Checked the board when I was at Mom's and read her your post, we were laughing. Hmm, how did I forget minutes-I should of know how long because whenever I start a diet, I surely figure out how many hours I was able to stay on it-at least at the first day! I honestly don't have a picture when I started SB, I had been on so many diets in my life that I figured it wouldn't last and I didn't take one-but I do have a WORST PICTURE that those who have met me can tell you that I look like the GOODYEAR BLIMP. I will most definitely take a after picture when I get not only a chance, but a decent hair day-it's like I told you, frizz city this time of year. So, you're not mad that I didn't give you the scoop on the phone yesterday? I was so afraid of putting a kinehora on myself (Jewish word for a curse, explanation is: Kinehora n : A curse in reverse. A colleague says with best intentions; "Looks like you're going to get a promotion, Jack." Kinehora! You quickly cover his mouth, for to utter such a thing is to ensure it will never happen). It's happened before!!!! Thanks for trying to call, even though I wasn't home, just the mere fact that you tried makes my day!!!!{{{HUGS}}} So, Dan had to pull out the gas mask, or was he still away when you were ripping through the house? Sounds like you and your sister should have a nice long weekend together-any special plans???

SEF, thanks for the congrats! Trust me, I'm not going anywhere, you're all stuck with me! Thank goodness it's not worse in your house than a little carpet on the water, I'm sure the pool is problem enough. Last year when Irene hit, it was on my birthday and we didn't do a thing, couldn't get out of the house, streets were so flooded, mailbox pole was under water it was that high in the front of the house-I didn't have a telephone (OR COMPUTER) for 10 days! Major withdrawls! So, I can sympathize, it's such a mess, but we always have to think of others who have it so much worse and thank our lucky stars when something like this happens that we could be in their place. I hope things dry out quickly for you there.

SOL, thanks for the congrats too. Like I told Nance above, I have to get a picture taken. Most of my life I've run from the camera, I've only really like one picture of me, and that's the Glamour Shots pic I have posted. I'll have Eli take one soon, or darn, maybe I'll just go back to Glamour Shots-problem is, I'm much older now-I may end up hating it!!! Cool that Vince was able to fly overhead-you have me, and proably everyone else curious to what he looks like-time to post a picture!!!!! Hey, don't ever try to be brief!!!!

KAREN, thanks! I know sharing this news with you all is the best thing I have done in a long time and it really made me feel great. It's one thing to finally make goal, but it's another when you have such wonderful support that has helped you get to where you are to share the news with!

RHROO, thanks~I had a huge grin when I was typing it up, knowing I was also able to post it! You're so close, you'll be right behind me in meeting goal-RIGHT?!? I know how it is with your OH being the sabotager-Eli tries it from time to time and doesn't win. Honestly, I'm not telling much of anyone I want to lose a little more-Eli alone is driving me nuts telling me, "you're all skin and bones" & "there's nothing left of you!" In retaliation, I say, "if there's nothing left of me, why are you able to grab a chunk of fat and hold on to it??"

TIGGER, Thanks for the congrats! I can tell you, one of the reasons that I've been able to stay OP this entire time is due to those who have gone off plan being honest with the board in saying so and telling us how sick they get. I get sick enough without cheating, so this has helped keep me in line.

I know someone asked about headaches sorry, I don't remember who. Anyhow, I can tell you that my neighbor kept getting lots of bad headaches and I asked her if she was consuming stuff with aspertame and she said yes. I told her to cut it out and once she did, a few days later, well, it's been months and she hasn't had the headaches any more-she is now a bonafide user of agave nectar in her coffee/drinks!

Time for me to go get Lauren from school-days seems to go so slow when they get out so early!

I'll check in with you all later today/tonight!

Again, thanks to you for all your warm wishes!!!

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Talking Just for Debelli!

Congratulations Deb! YOU DID IT! Let's do the HAPPY DANCE!
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