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Kate - LAWL since 10/06
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Cassi- I'm sure there is a big difference in how you look. Lea Ann is right, why is it that it is hard for us to see our accomplishments???

Megan - don't let the scale get you down... LEMON water, girl.

Barb RN - I really liked Curves when I had a membership there. The only reason I quit was that the hours are soooo limited here, and when my work schedule changed, I wouldn't be able to make it more than 2 days a week, bummer!!!

Nicole- children are the best, aren't they???

Wendy - WELCOME!!!!

Candance- remeber why you joined LAWL. You can do it. Sometimes, it's those non scale goals (like VS items) that can motivate you when you're in a rut. For me, it's the wedding dress.

Dan- great job at WI.

Must get back to work for now.
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It's mine for the taking
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Hi everyone!

I'm just recovering from a stomach flu that hit me hard yesterday. When you are sick, do you still try to stay on plan? I couldn't eat much, managed a banana and later a piece of pizza (big mistake), and I'm finding it hard to get everything in today.

I came back to work to find that I've been assigned responsibility for our New Brunswick office as well, that one of my colleagues has been demoted, and I have to hire a replacement who will be reporting to me. Yikes. It's dangerous to miss a day around my office.

Pearl - Congratulations on your new promotion! It looks like you made the right choice in jobs!

Joni -- I'm so sorry that your puppy is sick. I'm a mommy to a furry baby too (5yr old Jack Russell) and I'd be devestated and worried in your position. I'll pray too that the initial indicators were wrong, and Charlie will make a full recovery.

Juliemarie -- Wow, I love your nursery! Great colours, and the flowers are gorgeous! I can only imagine how hard it must be to think of anything else but Josie right now.

Kristen -- Way to stick with it. I hope the protein shakes will net better results than the slimfast did.

Jason -- Let me be the first to welcome you to Ontario. When do you make the move? I'm sure your daughter will be thrilled.

Byebyebulge - I hope you get to see the scale move down on your next visit to the COD...I'm sure staying POP is going to bring you some rewards.

Nance -- I may be too late to give advice for your dinner tonight...maybe you could ask your waiter to just bring you a half portion. That way you won't be tempted to go overboard (I know I would be!) Good luck!

Dan -- Good luck in yoru new adventures at QuickGym! I'm glad that the COD reassessed you and found you.

Nicole -- I'm unintentionally participating in your no-scale challenge, everyone in my house has been sick since last Thursday, so Friday a.m. was the last time I weighed in. I don't use my home scale because I think it's evil and Point in case, DH uses it and his weight NEVER changes...he's always 205 no matter what he eats. Hmph. I will go to WI tonight though, so I made it 6 days! Weird, my 2 yo DS loves cauliflower and broccoli too, (as long as it has cheese).

WendyVan - Welcome! My DH asked me that all the time too for the first few days. It was hard to believe all that I was eating was really on plan. He'll get used to it soon enough. How many kids, and how old, do you have now?

Cassi -- 56lbs, wow! Good for you. You must be wearing a much smaller size than you started out with. I'm sure there is a big difference in your before/after shots. Can't wait to see!
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Could someone submit this recipe to the LAWL site? Theya re soo good, but don't know what to count as. Maybe 1SFC? I posted it also in the dessert recipe thread.

I got this one from Rachel ray, and they are way too good.


12 strawberries
1 bar of Sugar free chocolate, or dark choclate squares(small)

Preheat oven to 350, and line a cookie sheet wiht tinfoil, or wax paper.
Cut the bottom tip of the strawberry off, so the strawberry will sit upright on the cookie sheet without tipping over. Next, cut off the stem, and core out the white part of strawberry so there is enough room to put a small square of chocolate in. Repeat for all straberries. Place in oven for 10-12 minutes until choclate has started to melt. Take out, let cool for a couple of minutes and eat. You can also put a dollopof SF, FF Cool whip on top. They are absolutely heavenly, and so easy!!

Hope you enjoy!
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So much to little time.....but I have to say.......Cassi.....great to see you, and I am soooo excited to see your new pictures I hope you have time tonight to post them
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It's me again....

MTDebster, Thank you for suggesting the hotline. I called because my email hadn't been answered and I got a call from the Regional manager here at work almost an hour later. I don't know what will come of this, but we have a meeting on Tuesday at noon and she told me that she is willing to give me all of my weeks back and reassess me and get me on the right plan, because it's not their job to get frustrated, they need to find a solution to bring the client success. She told me that the current manager would be leaving. Our COD, I found out is not corporate and I really don't know what the difference is. It seems like a high turnover there, but whatever. We shall see!
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I was talking to a friend last night about LA Weightloss and she asked if it was expensive. I thought about it for a minute and then told her that the only way I could look at it was to compare what my weight was going to cost me in poor health down the road, for as many years as I was lucky enough to survive, diabetes, high blood pressure, joint problems, etc. And compared to all that? What I paid for a chance at good health is nothing in comparison! One day at a pound at a time
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HI guys! Wow, there is so much going on around here, I can barely keep up. I had a visit with a Naturepathic Dr on Monday. He did a body scan to try to find out why I am feeling so terrbile these days. Turns out there are quite a few reasons. For one thing, he said that my lungs and my sinuses are full of black mold. He thinks that it is coming from my workplace, go figure. Anyway, he put me on five different homeopathics, and ordered 2 in. He also said that my body is dealing with a lot right now, and may be unwilling to shed lbs for a while, but to keep to what I am doing, and things are gonna come out okay. I am feeling a little better, I think. Also, my DH is learning acupuncture, and he did acupuncture on me before bed last night. It was so awesome, I slept better than I have in a really long time. I have managed to do the BL DVD every day this week, and stay POP, so that is all good.

Joni- Big prayers for you and Charlie.

Pearl- Awesome news on the job!

KickerRN- So great to see you get to goal!

Jason- Congrats on the transfer. What good news for your DD.

Dan- Good to see the scale cooperate, huh?

Ulanda- So glad that you got to talk to someone better. Here's hoping it all comes out well!

Have a great, POP day all!
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Wendy II
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Those chocolate strawberries look mighty tasty! I think they'd be dangerous even if they are sf.

Today's been a dull day at work - I've spent way too much time reading posts today and looking up recipes. I think I'm going to have to just bite the bullet and buy an LAWL Cookbook. I've been giving my dh these recipes that you all have posted (thank you!) and he makes them for everyone for dinner -- so far no complaints!

I just shoved a piece of lemon into my water bottle and realized I have no way to get it back out!! Dang I'm blonde.

Hope everyone has a fabulous afternoon - POP's for all!
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Kim - perfect response. That is so right on. What is the cost of our health? It should be priceless.
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hdsQrl - Megan on LAWL
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ROFL, Wendelina! Too funny!

Yikes about the black mold, Katie! I hope the remedy works quickly for you, and that the workplace takes steps to address the problem!

I haven't posted about this yet, but think I should, in case some of you have dealt with this, too. And Dan & Jason, my apologies for the TMI in advance.

Three weeks ago, I had an IUD put in. Several reasons for making the change from the pill to the IUD, but at this point, it's in. The doc says that on average, women experience irregular bleeding for 3-6 months as your body gets used to it. For me, I'm having my own TOM...Every. Single. Week.


So every week, I get the bloating, the cramps, yada yada yada. I told my COD about it today, and the counselor made a note of it in my file so that if my weight loss goes all wonky, they may push me back to the purple plan until I stabilize back out. No fun, to be sure, but once this initial phase is over, my TOM times should settle down to barely there or maybe even nonexistent. I've read online about women who complained of weight gain with it, but their "official" studies say that weight gain isn't a side effect. Whatever, I figured if weight gain was a problem, I was already on LAWL and that should help combat it.

I'm rambling now, and I'm sorry about that...but have any of the rest of you dealt with something like this before? Or any other medication sorts of things that messed with your weight loss?

Thanks in advance!
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Kim - IP 9/10
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Yikes , Katie - I hope that those new remedies help - sounds serious. (you know.... when you want and need to know what's wrong with you, then they tell you and you think... gee I wish I didn't know that... )

Megan - also yikes. Pre LAWL I had the opposite problem. This would not be pleasant at all. I hope it ends soon.

Wendelina - get the lemon at the opening of the bottle, then whip it around. (a trick from my Corona drinking days... ) it should come out enough for you to grab.

Cassi - can't wait to see all of your pics! (you, of course, and the house) - You've lost 56lbs from somewhere, girl - it has to be noticeable! I was having similar issues yesterday while trying on clothes (at home - I have clothes in all sizes around!) for vacation. While I've lost 20 lbs - clothes still don't look good on me. DH had to talk me off the ledge.
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Hey everyone,

Today has been a pretty good day so far food wise but otherwise I wish I could trade my neck/upper back in for another. I have a bad back anyway and have for years so I know what I can do and cannot do. But today at work I literally turned my head around to say something to a colleague and there it went again. So now I have a pulled something again for a few days in my neck/back. I stayed for most of the day at work but it just became so uncomfortable I came home a couple of hours early to put the heat to it. Usually that helps. But it will be sore for a few days. This happens every so often so I am used to it...but it still hurts!!! There that's my whine for the day...too bad I can't have some cheese to go with it!!!

It sounds like most are having a reasonably good day on here so far anyway. I am starting a new job seach as I really want to get away from the call center. The problem here is it is hard to find something that pays enough compared to the centers. My center is one of the better ones too. At least it is inbound. The only time I call customers is to advise of an adjustment or something on their accounts.

Saw my fur baby last night for a few hours as the ex was out and I went over to feed and spend time with her. I make a point of seeing her at least 2x per week for a few hours at a time. She is a big huggy bear who leaps on you on the couch and basically says "love me". Since she is about 75 lbs, she usually wins. But I don't mind. It wouldn't be worth going to see her if I didn't come home covered in black fur now would it???

House closes in a week and a half so we are in the home stretch. He moves out this weekend to his new place and then we just have to clean it up...vacuum and such for the final inspection. Most of my stuff is out already, I just have to take some of my horse supplies out to the barn and bring some here for storage until I decide what to do with it all. But I have time for that.

Well, need to do another round of heat on my back. I will check in a bit later on!!

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Well, it's a sick day for me today, so this is the first time I've felt like dragging myself to the PC today. Needless to say, I am NOT OP today. I tried, I really did. But, the thought of eating salad or steamed veggies or even a whole piece of meat for lunch made me sick to my stomach. I even popped a Lean Cuisine in thinking that would be better. Nope. As soon as I smelled it, I threw it in the trash. So, I dug the emergency chicken noodle soup (so much sodium!!) out of the cabinet and had some of that. However, I only ate half of it, and I did not add crackers. I've also eaten two oranges today instead of having OJ. I've eaten very little today, so maybe today won't kill me too much. Hopefully, I'll feel like getting back OP tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great day!!
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First off.. Alannah you are doing fantastic! Look at that ticker move!

Sasknewfie.. we LOVE Kingston.. debating a move there this year ourselves!

Dan way to fight back!

I lost my SlimFAT weight.. my COD is baffled as to how I gained on it as I have been 100% accurate in all my food.. I sitll use measuring cups and spoons for everything.
Mike the driver brought in some very limited stock.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Wendy I hope you feel better soon.. the flu seems to be going around all over!

We have DD 2nd bday party on Saturday and they offer pizza, cake etc. I instead am serving whole grain muffins, bagels with Lite cream cheese, fruit snacks 100% pure and little crackers.. no junk for my kids.. hopefully the other kids won't be in shock at the lack of 'treats'. We have a babysitter Saturday night for a break so hoping to head out to our favorite greek restaurant.. big salad and some grilled food.. YUMMY!
Still have not had any cocktails and don't plan to until Superbowl.. a big challenge for me as I like my wine!

So the scale is back from the SlimFAT and I hope that after the pain and suffering of last week I will be rewarded with a nice BIG drop this week or next.. I'll start running in the middle of the night if need be!

Hope you are all well and Ulanda way to get the staff at LAWL moving.. send some of them to Canada to sort our our mess!
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Loretta (LAWL)
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Congrats to all on the loss, if you have gained dont give up.

Joni- sorry about your pup, i understand we have 4 of our own, they were my children until i had a child of my own, they still dont take the backseat to often.

I am so glad to hear that some have already made their goals, that gives me hope. thanks to you all.
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