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joni~ so sorry to hear about charlie...i just took nikita to the vet, shes broken several bones in the last 6 months, they thought she had bone cancer, but i was relieved to find out today she has a degenerative joint disease...well, relieved is an oversatement...the poor babies only 2, so its gonna be a tough life for her...i feel ur pain, i hope he will turn around from this! hes in my prayers...

on a better note everyone seems to be in great spirit! the motivational notes for the winter blues are greatly appreciated, its been a tough couple of days with my pup, and school, pfew...thanks for the tuna idea, will do!! but i have to say, mayo in tuna, still my weakness...

and to evette, and the other munchers...tell me how do u buy a bag of mini crisps and eat only 5, place the bag on the side or ur dest/conter top, and leave it for another day...i guess i just have no self control, id eat the whole bag...unfortunately bc of this, certain foods cannot enter my home, esp carbs!...i know a lot of the ladies have overcome this, but i think no matter what size i'll be, how many yrs i'd be doing this, i will still be a carbaholic!! anywho, outta site outta mind works for me!

have a great day ladies! rock on to those shedding pounds!
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Nancy is on the go again
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JM - Oh my goodness!! The Baby Room is beautiful!! What a wonderful job you did! I'm very very impressed. And I could feel your happiness and excitement radiating throught your blog! I am truely happy for you!

Joni - Yes, you need to take care of yourself, for when Charlie comes home, he will need you! We'll keep him in our prayers!
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Joni - Hugs to you and Charlie.

JM - I'm so excited for you and Josie. What a lucky girl she is.

Pearl - on the new job!

Nicole - Girl, you sure know how to motivate people. Thanks for great encouraging words.

I'm doing okay today, first day on TO. So far I'm not hungry. Maybe it will work this time. I did TO a few weeks ago and it didn't affect me at all.

My DH has lost 8 lbs since Jan. 1!
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Well...i'm back again. I spent a few days in Calgary and then seen my career manager up in Cold Lake. Looks like I'm moving to another base this to Kingston, Ontario. I'm excited because my 12yr old daughter is an hour from there...

...As for the weight loss...well, i've been a bad boy! lol..yeah, I cheated several times since Wednesday. It's hard to stay on track when you travel and are staying at other people's houses who like take out. Well, I didn't cheat too bad...nothing like i'd eat 6 weeks ago...but i did cheat. Oh well, back at her again now!
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Hi there,

Joni, my thought are with you. So sorry to hear about Charlie and I am really hoping for a good report when you return to the vet.

Thank you Krispie D, I was starting to wonder if I was being ignored. No one really replied to having emailed LAWL. I haven't gotten a response from them either.

Pearl, I am excited for everything that is happening with your new job. You are a leader, so I am not surprised that you are a manager in less than a week. That's Awesome!

As far as the program goes, I am going to survive. I have a game plan and I just have to stick with it and see what happens.

Juliemarie, I love the beautiful rug and bright colors. What have you decided for bedding or did I miss it? I love that you put color on those walls as well.

Everyone have a great night!
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Ulanda.. keep on going!
My COD in Canada was out of ALL stock for 3 weeks and they are out again.. I noted our head office about 6 times and was told.. 'we're working on it'.. now we are empty again.. I fired off a few notes about the fact that I had prepaid for my Lites and expected to be able to get the ones I liked when I want them.. I also asked what they were going to do to compensate for our troubles.. no replies.. they are all over you to get you signed up but the customer service seems quite lacking world wide. Send any questions along this way as I think we as a group know much more about LAWL than most of the staff.. you will do it.. 12 lbs gone and we'll take the next 25 lbs and do them 5 lbs at a time. YOU WILL DO IT!

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Barb on LAWL
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Nicole: I am so sorry to hear about your dog! to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know how hard it is when your furbaby is sick! I hope everything gets better!

Pearl: Your job has realized how awesome of a woman you are (something we all knew) and I KNOW you will embrace this new position and bless others!!!

Ulanda: We are here for you! Isnt there a customer service # you can call? Just remember that when times get rough type away and we are here!!!!!

Jason: Welcome back!!!!

Dan: Sorry about the gain! Just think you are treating your body good with all the healthy choices you are making. The scale will go back down in no time!!

Nicole: thank you for the pep talk! You are awesome!

Kim: I have wondered what an asian pear tasted like, I will have to try one. Have fun with the treadmill!

BarbRN: Way to go on reaching goal!

Julie: The nursery is beautiful!!!!! I love it and so will Josie!

Kristen: They BETTER compensate you for this trouble with not being in stock!!!

If I missed you it is probably because my first post is lost in cyberspace and it is not because I dont care!! You are all amazing people!

I am not right yet. HOPEFULLY this will pass.

Night all!

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Evening all,

Today I had a WI and was down .2 today. Not as much as I thought, but I will take it. I did Curves last night and actually made it all the way through without getting light headed. It sure felt great.

Pearl - great news on the job.

Nicole - i hope your dog gets better. I have a 16 year old german shephard/chow cross and I know he won't be around much longer. i have had him since I was 16 years old. My first real pet that was all mine. He is such a sweety.

And to everyone else, have a better POP week. Keep giving dan some encouragement as I am. He is really bummed about this gain. Time to get the kids in showers and homework done. Talk to you all later.

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Hi All,

Just a quick note - I've been out all day. But I did want to send a great big to Joni and let her know she was in my prayers. I am keeping a positive thought for your dear little fur baby. I have a malti-poo and a golden and wouldn't be able to handle it if either were sick. They truly are our children!

JM - LOVE the nursery. I'm a decorative painter and your gerbers are fantastic! You can come paint with my crew anytime That color green was what I had painted my old dining room. I loved it! Very cheerful and creative. Your Josie is a lucky girl!

Hi to everyone else. I will try to do some personals later after I get caught up here at home.

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Red plan w/lites
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Just wanted to pop in and say a quick hello...still trying to catch up and get to know a little more about everyone.

Joni I hope Charlie gets better.
JulieMarie that nursery really is awesome! And what a cutie Josie is.

I WI on monday and i was the same weight - to the ounce - from friday! I was a little bummed but then I remembered that I went to a buffet rest. on saturday so i figured I should be counting my lucky stars that I didn't go up. I've been POP ever since so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Have a good night everyone.
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hi all...I have a dilemna...I think I know some things to do but would love to hear your input.....

I have recommited to lose at least 10 more lbs. But DH and I are going to a Italian DInner tomorrow nite..already planned and dont want to cancel...So I need some stratagies to not blow it big time...

It is a set menu with appropriate wines (red)
My thoughts so far:

-EAT LITE TOMORROW but do eat vegies and fruits ??
-eat no bread
-eat only what is given...or less and no seconds
-I do not need to eat everything and not worry if I get funny looks or "did you not like this madame???" hee hee

this is an Italian place and it seems inappropriate to make special requests...everyone enjoys a set menu.....i want to do this and do it well..

thanks for your time
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Martha's losing on LAWL!
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PS... dh and I talked about our latest bout of losing and gaining the same 2-3 pounds...
Our conclusion... WHO CARES?!?
We're in this for the long haul. We're not quitting. We're not stopping. We're not giving in. We're gonna do this and no matter what, eventually that scale will drop, but in the meantime - we're losing inches, we're healthier, we feel better, and we feel better about ourselves!
So there!!!!
AMEN Pearl!! And congrats on your new position!

I nominate you as President of "Losers for Life!" --well maybe we need to come up with a better name for the organization, but you know what I mean! ;o)
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Martha's losing on LAWL!
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Oh and Katie thanks for the link to the article "Why the Scale Lies". It has really helped my perspective.

I know that was posted sooo yesterday but I'm a little behind on all the posts!!
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Debbie on LAWL
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Good evening!

It's been a looooooooooong day so I am going to make this one short and sweet :-)

Joni- I am thinking of you and Charlie and hoping for the best!

JM- I LOVE Josie's room! The rug is gorgeous the the paint job w/flowers is the cutest. I can see the love in the room, it's amazing. Your cats crack me up..they seem to be such characters.

Another OP day for me! I even tried the shirataki noodles you all have been raving about! I made Cassie's spaghetti pie and it was delish.

Off to bed and then a long drive to Atlanta....see you gals and guys on Thursday!

Big hugs!
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Joni……I so hope you get good news about Charlie. I know he is your baby, and I am sure you are going out of your mind with worry. If I could send a hug in an envelope, I would J

Jenn…….I thought it adorable that you sent licks from your furbaby to Charlie. And I about peed my pants when I read that your human babies “flew the coop!” Hilarious.

Juliemarie……LOVE LOVE LOVE the nursery. It will be such a memorable room for little Josie to grow up in. She can totally grow into it also……you won’t have to change it because it is too “babyish” when she gets a bit older. I have such fond memories of my girlhood bedroom. I had pale pink wallpaper, with white kitty families all over it. I used to lie in bed at night, and pretend I lived with the kitties, and they kept me company, especially on the nights I was scared. It is funny the little details we remember about growing up, isn’t it? You are so well organized. I always had 9 months or so to get my babies rooms ready, and I was always rushing the last month to get it done. LOL.

Rhonda……..I have done the tanning thing twice in my life…..once for my cousin’s (March) wedding and once for mine (November). It is cold in Wisconsin in both March and November. I did a two week spell for each one…….and it was pure heaven!!!! I am cautious of tanning beds….but in moderation, I feel ok about them. My 16 yo DD wants me to let her go. I won’t do it. I told her that when she old enough to be responsible for her health care, she can take unnecessary health risks…….but until then……..I am deciding for her. She gets mad at me, but that’s ok…….one day she will thank me J

Kristen……..we would have a BLAST together. J Glad you enjoyed my no sclae challenge……LOL. I was soo pissed when I couldn’t edit the title. I hate spelling mistakes. I think I am subconsciously an English teacher J (a shout to our real English teacher…Lea Ann!!!) And my dear Kristen……..I am wearing a helmet until good numbers show up on your scale. Pray everyone.

Ok, Jenn…….I am totally CREEPED out right now. I just made SF butterscotch jello instant pudding. I realize it is after 9:00 p.m. and your post about this was at 4ish……but I JUST read yours…….and what are the chances that two people from this forum would make the same “not in book” sweet treat??? I don’t know how to count it, but it seems to me it would be counted as ½ dairy and 1 starch, and maybe a fruit too. It is 70 calories per serving, and a starch is only supposed to be 35-50 or something like that. Or maybe just 1 fruit and 1 starch???? It cannot be that bad for you………..and it is WONDERFUL. If I ever drag my a** to the COD this week, I will try to remember to ask them.

Aggie……I do mayo in tuna. I just count it as my fat….and I do it completely guilt free. It’s darn good J I, too, have no self control with the darn mini rice cakes. I have tried three times with them. I was the victor once. Two losses out of three does not make a good success ratio to me………therefore……no more rice cakes allowed in my home. Funny how some things set some off, and not others.

Nancy…….you always have such sweet things to say. You are looking fabulous by the way J

Paula…….good luck with TO. For me, and I think Kim kinda feels this way too…..the biggest benefit of a TO is re-focusing. To me, it feels like it is my do-over. My chance to re-group, and get my sh** together. I hope your scale shows you a hint of admiration for your hard work and dedication. Congratulate DH…….are you two doing the program together? I realize you have probably told us already, but there are a lot of people on this board right now, and I am kind of a ditz sometimes….LOL.

Sask…….you naughty naughty boy!!! We all have our moments………it’s good you are back. That is wonderful that you will beable to be closer to your daughter. Daughter’s need their daddies. Have you ever heard the John Mayer song, “Father’s be good to your daughters?” Ok, it may be titled different than that……and you have all probably heard it before……..but it is worth really paying attention to.

Ulanda………I am so happy everytime I read your posts. I see your cute buttefly avatar (not as cute as you, though), and I think…….’hooray…..Ulanda is still fighting the fight!!!’ I know you have been discouraged, and I truly admire your determination.

Barb………I couldn’t help but giggle a little when you said, “I’m not right yet. Hopefully this will pass.” I only giggled a little cuz when I am mad at my girls, sometimes I yell, “YOU ARE NOT RIGHT.” It’s really not the best esteem builder for kids, but sometimes they just aren’t right………being disrespectful or snotty. I know, that is totally not where you were going with your, “I’m not right yet,” but I had to share. It will pass. We all have faith in you J

Liz….I think you are quite awesome. I love that you asked us to encourage your DH cuz he is bumming about his gain. WTG on your loss………a loss is a loss is a loss……so congrats!!!

And, just for the record…….Joni is the one who’s furbaby is sick……

Hey Libby…..I see we have the same goal. I know Nance asked me if I was trying to get real skinny…….but I wore a size 6 or 8 comfortably at 140 6 years ago…………so I think it will be ok. It is good to hear from you J

BBB………as far as I am concerned……staying the same is super d duper close to a loss as far as a victory goes. You are so right… could have had a gain…..but you didn’t, and you are POP. Your next WI will most likely be very pleasant. That’s the beauty of it……this is no race…….this is a fab healthy lifestyle change. When I first started….I was all about trying to beat the odds and lose faster than anyone has ever lost on LAWL. Now, 3 months later, I am realizing that the best thing about the program, is the way I feel about myself, and how I have gained control over my eating in a super healthy way. I have been thick, I have been thin……..but I have NEVER been uncrazy when it comes to my weight or my eating habits. This is the biggest victory for me. If I NEVER made it to my goal (which I’m quite sure I will), I would still be happier and healthier than I have ever been……..even when I was 140. Heck, I even made it to 122 once……..and I was MISERABLE. Wow, sorry, didn’t mean to say all that………..all I really meant to say was………WTG BBB, keep up the great work and the great attitude J

Lea Ann……I an sooo glad that you may have a chance to come play a little the next couple days. We miss you when you are gone.

Evette…… are looking sooo great. You look very happy……and what determination you have. Don’t you just feel like there is NOTHING you can’t do anymore???? WTG!!!

Deb…….I hear what you are saying about a freezer full of meat. I think a healthy weight loss plan just HAS to incorporate common sense……if it doesn’t, well, how are regular joe’s supposed to succeed, right? I cook for a big family, and I just refuse to cook two different meals. Ok, once in a while I do, if it’s something the kids simply hate……..but yeah, I don’t get the beef thing… COD is beefaniod too. And, WTG on TBL challenge J

Nashville Debbie…….I hope you are still having a POP week. You have been doing so well lately. I just love your avatar, by the way. You have such a pretty kind face. If we lived closer, I just know we would be friends. J

Katie……..don’t sweat the gain. You have been doing super good. I get those stupid one pound gains every now and again…….and it makes me all sh**** for the whole day. It’s so stupid. That, my friend, is why we are going to do the No Sclae challenge next week. It will be ok.

Pearl……our dear sweet Pearl…… glad your job is going well. We miss you like crazy……..but we know your time is needed elsewhere right now. We look forward to your posts, and miss you when you are busy……..but sooo happy things are going well for you J

Cassi……..I sincerely hope your large group of visitors is business related. I know you are very kind, as you invited my motley crew to come stay with you, but I cannot imagine you have 20 or 30 house guests. I hope you got your wish for pizza for dinner tonight. I am not really discussing what I had for dinner….LOL, but maybe tomorrow I will fess up. I hope your back is feeling better. Can’t wait till you can come back and play….

Ok, I REALLY have to get off this computer. I filed my taxes last night and now tonight I am on this forum forever, and DH is getting impatient. We have a heavy TV schedule………as many of my Missouri friends are primetime TV friends. See you all in the morning!!!
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