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If I calculate correctly, I'm about to to be caught up to where I should have been if it hadn't been for that binge and subsequent gain last weekend. Cool. Huzzah for the "every-hour-on-the-hour" trick!
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Originally Posted by Tamara View Post
I'm back, ladies!

My life is changing, and I'm ready for my body to get healthy. I can't wait to be MAINTAINING this healthy living journey. Unemployed at the moment, and looking for a job that I love. My workouts will be a mix of 4 mile walks, at-home taebo, workouts at Bally's and Bally's group exercise classes. I hope to get to maintenance in no time. I've been tracking my eating for the past couple days, and it's amazing how much I took in on day 1. Today has been great, since I kept myself too busy to eat. I look forward to updating you all on my progress and cheering everyone on.
I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK!!! You don't have far to go to hit your goal... just every week - every day every moment think of what you need to do to hit that weekly goal.

Originally Posted by mrsaugie View Post
well i just did something really stupid 2 pieces of pizza and right afterwards a piece of cake and icecream i am publicly scolding myself for it so i cannot run and hide and pretend that i did not just do that. so feel free to add to the scolding.

anyway today is pretty good. still need to exercise and i plan to do that later tonight.
Get back at it hon! Slip ups happen - just recover quickly and workout extra to burn the extra calories! No one expects you to be perfectly on plan everyday - but you do need to fix it.

Originally Posted by freshmanweightorbust View Post
If I calculate correctly, I'm about to to be caught up to where I should have been if it hadn't been for that binge and subsequent gain last weekend. Cool. Huzzah for the "every-hour-on-the-hour" trick!
I'm SO glad that you're back on track!!! Now remember - NO MORE SELF SABOTAGING!!! If you eat extra - then you work extra... that's the way it is. If you're already strained for workout time - then don't binge.

As for my day - Hunter's going to her Grandma's - so I'm going to do more yard work today... I'm LOVING the warm weather! I'm REALLY sore from yesterday though... it feels good though. Since being pregnant - I haven't really done any exercising to the intensity of sore muscles. I NEVER thought I thought I'd miss that feeling!!!!

I've noticed that I'm again slipping on my water - so I need to ramp that up again. Yesterday I was out for 2 hours and didn't take any water with me... NOT GOOD! I really noticed how bad it's getting when I woke up in the middle of the night because my hands were so swollen from water retention that I had to take off my wedding ring!! That's a REALLY good sign that I need to drink more water!!!

Well time to get Hunter into the bath and ready for the day. When I get back - I'm staying in the sun as much as possible!! Sunscreen HERE I COME!!!

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Good Morning Ladies,

Just stopping in to say hello. I need to work hard and get on plan. I missed a week of exercise last week and I am finding it difficult to just jump back in. I think I need to just work at a slower pace and be patient with myself. As far as eating goes though, I have not been hard enough on myself there. I hereby resolve to stop hurting myself with bad food choices and take control of my run amuck eating habits starting this very moment. Hold me to it girls.

Bejeweled-Sorry to hear you are struggling with depression. Hang in there.

Eny-Cheers on completing the yardwork. Good exercise and a lovely garden as well.

Rosie-Congrats on recovering from last weeks binge. Your moving in the right direction now.

Heather, where are you?
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Aww Eny, how sweet of you. I'm glad to be back. I really want to hit goal this year. Before or by summers end would be MAGICAL. I had an ok day yesterday. I didn't end up doing taebo, and I may not workout today. I'll be gone all day so my only exercise will be walking through the city for hours.

One of my biggest issues is getting water while out. I'll spend about 8-10 hours out walking around tonight. I hate drinking tons of water, and having to run to the restroom. Should I drink slower? My goal is 4-32oz bottles per day.
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Hullo All!!

So apart from getting in 3 hours of non-stop moving lifting and scrubbing, I just finished my first attempt at one of Jillians new vids, I did No More Trouble Zones, 1hour of her is enough to make you sick, I mean literally, OMG my throat, I couldn't speak from all the heavy breathing! So well worth a go, I feel great now although I am shaking everywhere and I finished it like 10mins ago hehe. I got all the way to the end so I am really happy. It is my first attempt at getting back on the wagon.
Although I have been eating ok-ish I haven't exercised nearly half as much as I had in the first 2 months of the year, so this is it I AM MAKING IT OFFICIAL!!! I am back on track.
I have 3 weeks to my friends wedding and have lost 0 out of the 7lbs i wanted, so am very dissapointed in myself, I have 3 Weeks to make an impact on that, and hopefully get at least the 5lbs over with (haha big task for me i think)

Anyhoo have a great weekend ladies its time for me to start to settle down for the night, I am soooo exhausted - but in a good way.

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Hi all!!!

I'm so EXCITED!! It's beyond words!!!

I only have 3 weeks to fit into my clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hey everyone! Sounds like its mostly all good stuff in here today!

Freshmanweightorbust - Good job! Sounds like you have it figured out now!

I'm stuck studying all weekend.....I have a very important test Monday and then finals coming up.

I can't "weight" until school is out for the summer and I can focus on weight loss!
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Hey everybody, just a quick fly by to say great job to those who are rocking it and keep the faith (and the focus) to those who aren't. I have to go help YS get ready for the prom.

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220 Miles on the Miles Across America. I exercised 6 times this week, an extra time over my usual routine.
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I did a search on the Mayo Clinic website, and it sounds like I may have strained my foot from overuse. I'd walked two hours right before I sat down, and the site says that overuse problems can develop a few hours or a day afterward. I've been stupid and haven't really done ice or compression or elevation or much of anything beyond whining that my foot hurts and trying to get back to exercising. I can be pretty bad about pushing myself in various areas of my life, from work to volunteering. It doesn't hurt all the time, and I can walk OK. It just starts hurting when I walk too much. And here I thought I was being good for going on a super long walk.

Is there a connection between protein and foot pain? I went to a nutritionist who recommended I get more, and I have to work at getting enough of the right kind. My diet has tended to be way too carb-heavy, especially processed carbs.
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last time
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doing good over here! been OP for one day and today is day #2 only 19-20 more to go to reach my goal.
i am at the library soaking up the air conditioning because my house does not have central air and it got warm already. i have to clean my ridiculous room so someone can at least get in there to put the a/c in the window.
well i guess it will push me to be productive i plan on going to the park and to the gym today. i need some stairmaster in my life lol

have a good weekend everyone!
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I worked out today - but my wt was still 190....

I think It's because of all the eating out I did this week. I have been dragging all day today - I had a 2 hour nap and am still just kind of laying around.

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Oh, pish! You'll get it back. Drink lots of water!

I'm so excited, looking forward to the official Monday weigh-in! I know that it'll be good! Yay!

(I'm so hot, it kills me. Hellz ya for confidence and weight-loss and healthy choices!)
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I sure hope so Rosie! I think it's just because I ate out at Donato's, olive garden and Dagwoods this week. At least it's not up too bad. One good food week and I will be back on track.
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TOM started yesterday which explains the bottomless pit my stomach was a few days prior. Thank god I took off a few days this week and next week for the move. This morning I was able to just lay in bed and moan. Washed the rest of my dirty clothes and got some more packing done, just need to get to Wallyworld to get another storage container. I'll probably do some more packing before I get to bed.

Has anyone seen the new WE show, I Want To Save Your Life? I watched it tonight and I thought it was pretty good. The person was this woman named Jennifer, busy working mom. The scene that stood out to me was when he went with her to her favorite bakery and let her get her usual piece of chocolate cake. BUT as soon as they walked out, he let her know that it would take 2 1/2 hours of walking to burn off the calories for the slice of cake and they were going to walk those 2+ hours before she could eat the cake, while she was holding it! 2.5 hours to walk off a piece of cake?! WHOA!
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