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Ugh, I've been so hungry I'm almost sick to my stomach all day today. That's the last time I pack such a small lunch for work! Until just a few minutes ago, when I warmed up some soup, I had fewer than 800 calories all day! I haven't experienced hunger pangs like that in a long time. I hope I never do again. I just ate soup and had a beer, and I feel soooooo much better.

I'm looking forward to the weigh-in this week!
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Red face

#1. At the beginning of this year, we all set some goals. Truthfully...have you been on plan as much as you would like to?
No, and everyday that passes, I wished I had done better. I so want to end this year healthier.

#2. Look back at the goals you set for this year. Which goal have you done the worst at (i.e. water intake, exercise, food, etc.) I've done great on exercise. Water, somedays is ok, other days I ask myself why didn't I drink it, I mean come on it's not that hard to drink water. Food intake has been terrible. I need to take control of my life and my food, not let food control me.

#3. Why have you done the worst at this goal? I don't think about the long term effect of my eating, I only think of the temporary "good" taste, and keep saying tomorrow, tomorrow.

#4. What are some things you can do to improve and meet this goal? I need to decide once and for all how I'm going to calculate my intake and stick to it. Am I going to count calories or am I going to count points, or am I going to just cut back. I got my WW books out yesterday and started on the Getting Started one and have decided I just need to do it. And I need to stick to it on a consisitent basis not just one day and then change my mind again how I'm going to do it. WW works, I have lost 65 pounds on it before. I also need to believe in myself. I keep thinking about Helen and Tara on TBL, and how they kept saying Just believe in yourself.

#5. Which goal have you done the best at? Exercise

#6. Why have you done well with this goal? I have set specific goals, and have reached them several times, so I just keep doing it again.

#7. WHY do you WANT to lose weight? Notice I said "WANT to lose weight". I have prediabetes. I also have MS. The MS I can't do anything about, but I can avoid diabetes, so if I can control whether I get it or not, why not do my best not to get it, so I won't have to deal with more health problems. Yes I want to lose weight to prevent diabetes, and I also want to look my best, and wear smaller sizes. I want to feel that self confidence and self beauty that you feel when you know you have done your best for your appearance.

#8. WHY do you NEED to lose weight? Notice I said "NEED to lose weight". The need to lose weight is the same as the Want to lose weight. See previous answer.

#9. Are you ready to get back on plan or have you BEEN on plan? I'm ready to get back on plan TODAY.

#10. How much weight have you lost/gained since January 1st? About 6 pounds

#11. If you lose 2 pounds a week for the rest of the year (about 33 more weeks so 66 pounds) how much would you weigh? (Some of you won't need to lose 66 pounds) 215

#12. Wouldn't you like to weigh that on Jan 1st 2010...rather than gaining weight or staying the same? (UNLESS of course you have less weight than that to lose...LOL)Yes!

#13. It isn't too late....are you going to jump in and make the second half of the year count? Yes

#14. If so....HOW? How are you going to make the second half of the year count? I'm going to do WW, drink my water, and continue my exercise. I also went exploring on the 100 plus club a few days ago and discovered so much motivation there along with this G2009 group, I am going to frequent both groups and post more. The more involved, the more it will help me.

#15. What body part would you like to improve most? waist line

#16. What are some things you can do to make that a slammin' part of your body by Jan 1st? continue exercising, and add more exercises

#17. What is your favorite part of your body? I am well endowed. Only thing when I'm overweight, it's too much. My poor 24 yo daughter has nothing, I keep telling her if she would lose weight maybe they would appear larger.

#18. Why do you like this part of your body? See previous answer

#19. What motivates you to stay on plan? What motivates me is to see smaller numbers, and feel smaller.

#20. What will you do this week that will help you get/stay on plan? I'm working on the Getting Started WW booklet, reading about measurements, what you really need to eat, etc.
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Rosie - I LOVE richard Simmons! After I had Hunter I did his Dancing in the house video - it was AWESOME! I'd love to be able to find some of his stuff on DVD cheap for after Landon comes. It'd be a good starting place since is's lower impact then my Slim in 6 or 30 Day Shred... I think I'll be doing some Ebaying tonight.

I'm still that I get a call back for a second interview for the marketing job.

I also can't believe that it's already Thursday! I SWEAR time is FLYING!!! it's CRAZY! There's only 9 days left until Memorial Day - CRAZY! Honestly, I can't wait to get back into things though. I feel like I'm at a stand still - I was working so long on losing weight, and now I'm stuck until after little man is born. I can't wait to be in the #180's again!!!

Alright - I'm off to take Hunter to school and to go to my MIL's to do the shower invitations. I'm excited... There are only 6 weeks until the shower.
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Morning girls

So today is my Monday (stolen from TBL).....I'm off to have my breakfast...I have my meals planned today, and I'm ready to get on track finally! I don't have to go to the store or do anything particularly special today other than straightening the house. It has been raining this morning so I'm not sure about an outsid walk....I'm gonna check the weather and if it is okay head out...but if not I guess I will do my 30 Day Shred DVD!
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Hey all!

It's been awhile. I've been sick and felt like poop. Monday I had a fever, Tuesday I was out of work, Wednesday I was at work but my eyes were bothering me, had to go to the doctor to get a note for work, turns out I have pink eye, out of work today with swollen goopy eyes. Tomorrow is Friday and Sunday early early morning we leave for vacation. This has officially been my worst week ever! But I am down to 185. Nothing like being sick to lose weight!!
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Nessa - and Make sure you PM your weekly weigh in before you leave

Oh - also 0 since this is the 500th post - I've made a new thread here:
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