Fat Burning Cream: Does it Really Work?

Cellulite cream claims to be able to reduce fat and cellulite on the legs, arms and belly. Also known as lipo burner or fat burning cream, these formulas are often touted on late night television infommercials with some impressive results including statistics, visual evidence and testimonials. It’s hard to resist immediately picking up the phone and ordering a few gallons, but unfortunately an infommercial does not always coincide with the truth.

Does It Really Work?

Fat burning cream claims to work by mixing caffeine and the natural emulsifier Lecithin that allegedly binds with the caffeine to attack fat cells. The problem here is that scientifically a cream of this chemical makeup cannot penetrate seven layers of skinand magically consume the underlying fat cells. What it can do is moisturize the skin to the point that it may cause the skin to temporarily appear to have fewer cellulite pock marks. There can also be additives to certain fat burning cream, such as menthol or camphor, which minimally irritates the outer layer of the skin, creating a tingling sensation from the reaction of the subdermal nerve endings (giving the user a feeling of immediate progress). Blood rushes to the area due to the fact that the body thinks something is wrong. The blood is oxygen and nutrient rich giving a temporary appearance of weight loss by making the skin tighten and glow.Most companies that produce cellulite cream claim to have jaw dropping results from their in-house clinical studies. They claim that drinking caffeine can stimulate a person’s metabolism, but that applying it directly to the skin enhances the stimulation of metabolism with much more effectiveness. There is no unbiased scientific evidence that can substantiate these claims. However, there is some evidence that combining a cellulite cream with a deep tissue massage, either by hand or by using a device that sort of looks like an electric car waxer, can cause the metabolic process to possibly speed up. This may very well create a short decrease in fat cell production, but an actual decrease in existing fat cells has yet to be proven.

Keep It Real

It is basically common sense. Using a fat burning cream combined with the full spectrum of advised weight maintenance tools, such as proper diet, exercise and stress free living, may very well enhance a person’s ability to reach an optimal weight, but simply slathering on the product and expecting a drastic change is most unlikely. Technically, these creams don’t pose much of a danger to the user unless they have a caffeine sensitivity. If this is the case, under no circumstances should anyone use these highly caffeneited products.Also, know that there is nothing to date that can be used as a cellulite eliminator, other than surgery, and that has its own drawbacks. Do some research. Don’t be fooled by the advertising, which can easily sway you into thinking that this is the end all product. Keep it real. Using a cellulite cream as a maintenance tool, rather than a miracle cure, may actually be a the right way to approach these creams.


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    Mainly it’s about regulating the fiber in your stomach. I take the Lady Soma Cleanse with a meal – and it makes be get rid of the fat and stuff stuff ALOT EASIER. It took just under 3 weeks for me to see results. What can I say, I look young again. Good luck!