Time Will Tell

July 5th, 2012 A day like any other in the eys of most people.  For me, today, today is…my Indepenance Day, my rebirthday, my starting over day…again.

If you came her it was probably via the 3 Fat Chicks website.  So you know this is going to be a diet blog.  Read, comment, agree, disagree or lurk. 

Maybe somebody reading this can offer me advice or incouragement.  Maybe in time I will be able to offer advice, encouragement or (gasp) inspiration.

I used to blog.  Then I stopped. I also stopped, weighing and measuring portions, counting calories and going to the gym.  So now I am starting over.  It is rather humbling.

I began this journey as I have so many other times.  Healthy breakfast, counted calories, packed my lunch, drank plenty of water.  But this time my goal is a little different.  I made a decision last week.  It was a big decision for me. It was a scary decision for me. But I think it will be the right decision for me.  Gastric Bypass Surgery. Roux-En-Y. My goal to have said surgery before the end of the calendar year.

Step 1: Talk to my doctor – Done

Step 2: Go to informational meeting: July 12

I don’t know what comes after that.  Except that I will get “A BUNCH” of papers to fill out and get them in ASAP to make the YE2012 deadline.

I am scared. I am excited. I am hopeful. I am fearful.

Scared-surgery needles hospitals doctors scare the bejeezees outta me.

Excited- I am exicted to take back my life.

Hopeful- That this will be the tool I need to take control of my life.

Fearful- What if I go through all this and I can’t do it?  What if I fail? What if I don’t lose weight?

Time will tell.

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  1. Welcome!! You’ll never fail as long as you keep trying! We’re here to help each other.

    Best of luck!

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