Looking Up

251.9  Good progress this week.  Watching the “points” count paid off.  Super tired today after springing forward but resisted urge to stop for drive-thru take-out bs food, didn’t make a pit stop at the gas station for a Big Grab of Fritos, didn’t turn off to go to DQ for a big ass vanilla cone, pull into 5 Guys for a little burger with a “small” fries, or pause for any of the other food “rewards” I have given myself in the past.  Went home and had a boca burger (precooked and seasoned – smart of me!) on a toasted flat round and a chocolate Luna bar (nutritious alternative treat) and stayed on course.  Woo hoo!

Got to keep in mind that food is fuel not a reward or a way to “pleasure” myself after a hard day.  Relaxing is a reward.  On track for another good week and that feels like a reward in itself.  I have finally lost 20 lbs and it has taken a year and been a step forward step back kind of thing but that is okay as long as ultimately my cumulative motion is forward.  Yay me!

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  1. tamlynne31 on March 13th, 2011

    CONGRATS on a great week and congrats on resisting those temptations!!! It takes alot of will power to do that!!

    Keep it up!



  2. ushabti on March 14th, 2011

    Thanks for the support! : )

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