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I hit onederland today!!!! August 21, 2012

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Hello folks,I have not blogged in a loooooong time! Been very very busy this summer. Haven’t focused to much on losing weight this summer. It makes me feel fantastic that I have been able to maintain. However,somehow,I have finally managed to reach under 200 pounds. I weighed in at 198 this morning. I almost had a heart attack. I ate so incredibly poor this weekend,but somehow managed to pull this off. I haven’t been under 200 pounds since probably grade 9? This is a total of 82 pounds lost. Looking for at least another 20-30 pounds. And that will come in time. I’m not. Nearly as anxious about all this weight loss stuff like I used to. But I’m still losing,and losing it slowly,and enjoying a little more freedom with my diet,while maintaining or losing. It’s literally taken all summer to lose the last 5-7 pounds needed to reach the 100’s. I am ok with that. I would probably almost be at goal weight if I had stuck to plan like I should’ve. But I’m ok with my progress. Just excited about hitting the under 200 mark.


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