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19 Apr, 2012

Warrior Dash, I’m coming for you!

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Hello bloggers!

I totally skipped about blogging about something I’m super excited about in the course of my young passion of the run (well, passion, depends of the time of the day. And the weather. And… just kidding, I really enjoy running ;-) And it is also keeping my mind out of my goal-questions phase right now…)

I finally completed my subscription to the Warrior Dash in Quebec, August 25th!

What’s a Warrior Dash?

‘’ A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme 5k run from hell. Warriors conquer extreme obstacles, push their limits and celebrate with music, beer and Warrior helmets.’’

Sounds charming. Dirty, muddy and SO MUCH FUN! (I’m super excited about the beer and the little furry helmet. Hihi.)

Basically, a run just a shy longer than 5k (5.13k, I think) with 14 obstacles along the path including mud crawling, wall climbing, pond crossing and fire jumping, just to name a few. Every things ends up in some kind of a big party where everyone can scream their lungs out in some warrior screams while drinking beer, eating turkey tighs and having fun.

I knew about the existence of the Warrior Dash for a long time, for seeing adds on Facebook and places like that. I never really talked about anyone about doing it though, because I thought it would not interest people, and anyway my beginners running skills were maybe too low.

About a month ago, my boyfriend send me a link over MSN messenger about the Spartan Race (a bit like the Warrior, but longer, muuuuch more harder, scarier and more serious) saying he would love to try something like that.

I was super surprise. He HATES running. Don’t get me wrong, he’s super good at it, really better than I am ; he has a killing cardio. But he just hates running for the point of just running, without any goal or stuff like that. He never ever joined me in any of my runs. So, yeah, I was surprised.

Me : Are you serious?

Him : Yeah! That’d be a type of running I’d do! There is a lot of muscles stuff involved in that.

Me : Do you know about the Warrior Dash?

Him : No *insert here a part about me explaining what is the Warrior Dash is*

Me : … and there is a WD in Quebec this year, so if you want to give a shot to a race like that, I could try the Warrior Dash with you this year!

Him : DEAL!

And as easy as 1-2-3, it was settled!

Two of our friends (a couple freidn of ours) jumped in, and we are officially 4 of us going there in August, for dashing in the mud and the fire!

I’m super excited about this. Not only because I love the idea of getting dirty and partying after the run, but also because it’s nice to participate in some kind of a race with my boyfriend. We are both sporty people, but we are doing sport completetly different from each other. I run most of the times, whereas he trains at the gym and plays squash once a week. We’re trying to start biking regularly together so we can also do more activities during the weekend.

I asked him to help me to build some muscles strength for the race in August, being really weak from the arms and core muscles.

He said that it’d be a pleasure for him with some kind of crazyness spark in his eyes.

I am scared now LOL!

…he should be scared too : there is also prices for costumes, and the first idea of my friend and I was that we would dress as knights, and the 2 guys would dress as princesses! HIHI.

3 Responses to "Warrior Dash, I’m coming for you!"

1 | incontrol2day

April 19th, 2012 at 10:36 am


The warrior dash sounds SUPER fun! My boyfriend hates running with no goal/objective in mind either. He likes playing sports where he can get pumped up

2 | turbomammoth

April 20th, 2012 at 7:38 am


My boyfriend is exactly like you! I think the Warrior Dash got him excited because he’ll be able to go throw the muscles needed stuff (or was is the beer!??) ;)

3 | lyrical

April 20th, 2012 at 8:38 am


ummmm that looks Amazing and so much fun! I’ve heard of the spartan run but not this! I really look forward to hearing about it after you’ve done it! Enjoy your training ;)

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