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05 Apr, 2012

Let’s roll

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(first part written April 4th, in the afternoon, bored at the lab)


I am on a mission right now : I need to find a bike.

I have been bike-less for over 4 years now and it’s time to get a new one. Before I started college, I used to bike a lot. During the summer, I was working in a zoo located 1 about 12 kilometers from my place. I did not own a car so I used to ride there and back every day. After I moved to college, my bike followed, but I did not have any closed locker or something, so my bike was staying on my porch, with the rain, the snow, and eventually covered by rusty stuff. No more bike.

For many reasons, I really want to start riding again. First, I’m really looking for another kind of training to add edge to my running training. On my schedule, the training plan is clearly saying ‘’Rest day OR crosstraining (that I never do)’’. Right now, bike seems like the better option. I used to swim, but the swimming pool I’m attending is gonna be closing for 6 months for major renovations and I don’t want to go through all the process to finding a new one. There is also really nice riding and walking trails where I run a bit so close to my home, to me it’s a shame not to use it. Plus, I’d really like to find another activity to do with my boyfriend : we hike together, but I’d be cool to find something else on the day you don’t feel like hiking (he already has a bike).

So. I need a bike.

I’m this kind of person who when the figure out that they need (or just want…) something, they focus on that so bad they can’t barely can’t function. I’m gonna think about that bike until I fin dit.

The thing is that I don’t want to spend 1000$ on a bike. I don’t even want a super good one, I just want one with wheels and stuff :-P A really basic one. And anyway my budget would not allow a brand new hype bike.

I found online a store who sells new and used sport equipment. Might stop by after work. You never know!

With the long weekend coming in, wouldn’t it be nice to go for a ride in the sun and the fresh air?


(now, April 5th)

So. I bought a bike last night.

(I am a fan of compulsive buying).

After leaving work last night, I stopped by a sport shop that sell used stuff. In the used, there was ONE hybrid bike, good for my height. It was basically new, but it came without a box, so the frame had a couple of scratches. The price was reduced from 400$ to 250$. For basically a new bike.

So. Well. Bought it.

I was so afraid of not being able to find another one that cheap and in that good condition. So I arrived home, with the bike and the helmet and entered the house with only the helmet in my hands. The boyfriend was washing dishes.

– A., I did something foolish…

-What? *look at the helmet* You bought a bike helmet?

– … (shameful smile)

-You bought a bike!?

-But we’ll be able to rideeeee together noooooow! (bringing in a couple issue, always a good idea to get out of trouble. and anyway he just bought a hammac. he can’t complain!)

I’m so excited to just go out and try it!!! I remember how it felt nice to just go out there and ride. And I think my legs will like this workout with less impacts on the knees.

I’ll have to manage some times to go this weekend. I’m kinda annoyed by the weekend planning, however. It was our first long weekend in forever, I’m exausted, I just wanted to stay home (or around home) and just do what I want. You know, doing what I want WHEN I want. Training when I want. Eating when I want. Trying the new pilates DVD I ordered when I want.

Obviously none of that is going to happen the way I plan.

I’m having a late indoor hochey game tonight, which mean I’ll probably sleep in tomorrow morning. We are having friends for dinner tomorrow night (already planned for a long time though) and I have to get time during the day to go to the grocery, cook a bit and run my 6k training. I also have to run my long run training on saturday instead of sunday as I had planned because we have to go ”lunch” at the father-in-law for my boyfriend and his sister birthday (4 hours drive there and back… yay). The boyfriend really wants to go to the movies to watch the new American Pie one. So far, only monday is basically free.

PLUS TOM kicked in this morning (up to 140 lbs after going back to 138.8 yesterday, hello water retention) so I’m grumpy as hell about all this planning that I have to deal with but that I can’t really say a word about.

Can’t wait to be able to get on my bike and escape from all this on Monday!


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1 Response to "Let’s roll"

1 | dysfunctionalbarbie

April 5th, 2012 at 8:54 am


Impulsive buyer here too!!!! yep yep I am!
Wow from 400 to 250 that’s a great deal! I would have bought it too!

I’ve been thinking of getting bike and start biking into work once the summer hits. It’ll save me a bit of money on gas, (not that I spend much since my job forced me to take the bus) but as well on bus passes!

Don’t worry much about TOM he’s just as much of an asshole as the Scale. the two of them combined are just douches… :)

P.S to answer’s yesterday’s questions it’s all in the blog you red about the boy. Sometimes I think it’s harder to be strong and stand your ground and at times seems impossible but I’m glad I did! *Hugs*

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