What To Eat On Diet?

This dish laster me for three days for lunches! It was definitely more exciting to prepare and eat than a whey shake. You can approach to it as if it was a cooked salad: it’s made of zucchini rings and home made cottage cheese. Season with salt and pepper and roast in oven until soft […]

Another Random Meaty Salad

Spring is coming and the hot soup & heavy meaty meals season ending. I CRAVE for more leafy greens and vegetables in my food. It has been such a long winter and I feel the need to clean the pipes a bit 🙂 Instead of steaks I opt for salads. They are easy to whip […]

Beef & Roasted Roots

Living with a big hungry cook poses a little challenge for my weight loss/maintenance efforts: I like to eat. He likes to eat. I like to cook. He likes to cook. I like to eat lots of vegetables and dairy, little fat and no sugar. He likes to eat lots of grains, sugar and fat […]

Butcher That Beetroot

Cut, hack and slice! In all your excitement for butchering, don’t forget to wash the beetroot unless you like your roast extra crunchy. That is, sand dunes style crunchy. Add a mix of utterly unfancy vegetables like cabbage and parsnip, soak in olive oil, sprinkle with sesame seeds and roast until soft (or crunchy) enough […]

Breakfast For Eight

Breakfast for 8? Who on earth has 8 people sitting around breakfast table?? Challenged by a recipe in a booklet by National Health Institute, a bunch of my friends created a Facebook group to find 8 people to have breakfast with. The idea fitted well with the common acknowledgment that most 9 – 17 workers […]

Dark Green Wake-Up Smoothie

If there’s one important rule to follow, then it must be this. The one rule to rule them all: Listen to yourself. Listen carefully. The line between “just lazy” and “really need a break” is fine but important. It applies to any detail in life. If I’m tired of something habitual and can’t sweet-talk myself […]

Red Rice Lunchbox

It’s incredible how red rice tastes different from the usual varieties. It takes ages longer to cook but the result tastes as if you’re eating chopped roasted nuts instead of plain rice. Incredible. The only question I haven’t found a straightforwards answer to is why does it taste so good and how do they grow […]

DIY Mulled Wine

It’s a real treat on a snowy Saturday night… Pour a bottle of good red wine into a pot. Add a stick of cinnamon, a few pieces clove and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix in the grated skin of one orange. Turn on medium heat and bring the wine to a simmer, but never boil […]

Warm beetroot-mozzarella salad

Every day the world without so many carbs reveals a new bit of itself to me… I just LOVE vegetables so much and I can’t imagine going back to living a daily life with less of them. Beetroot is my new special favorite that I try to incorporate everywhere as you may have noticed. 2 […]

Strawberry Chicken Salad

Here’s another variation in my chickpea/strawberry salad lineage. This time I tried it with red kidney beans and chicken. Very juicy. The recipe follows. Also, if you’re interested, I uploaded the meal plan I created (with all the recipes and the complete shopping list) here. It’s downloadable and it’s free;) Strawberry & Chicken Salad 2 […]