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New years and stuff December 28, 2008

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I made all these goals and stuff for the challenge but I find it somewhat hard to grasp.  I think I need to see a plan for the year in writing and mark things off as I accomplish them.  I think marking them off after 2 weeks of sticking to them is a safe amount of time on habits I am trying to kick.  I will add a page under GOALS IN PROGRESS and mark them off.  I also need a daily schedule to go by or I drift off path.  I am not good left to my own devices with no plan.

I am finding that I do well in the morning and then just eat what ever the hell crosses my plate the rest of the day.  I am not putting all my points down because I am kind of aimlessly eating and have no idea what or how much.  It is always like a bite here and there and it adds up, I know that but I do it anyway.  Another thing is that I am finding myself not wanting to cook, we have eaten out more this month that the last 5 months I bet.  It is hard to come home from work at 4 after cooking dinner already for my boss and then spend an hour cooking for us, while the kids are screaming and wanting my attention.  I was meant to be a stay at home mom.  When God gave me triplets I am sure he intended for me to stay at home.

The plan begins……First I have to plan my meals in advance.  I need a chart to pool my dinners for 1 week at a time.  Second it would be nice if I could make it in advance for nights I do not feel like cooking.  Third I need to stick to it, and go to the grocery regular…..that is why I eat out so much.  Fourth, find a way to make it NOT even an option to eat out.  I am going to work on this stuff first.  I should find some good receipts, what is better than a receipt for a plan?

I want to join a gym but there are none close and convenient to me.  This is a pain in the butt and really when do I have time to go to a gym?  I thought videos, but I have known for 2 days that I get free access to workout videos with my on demand…..not done it yet.  Okay, if it rains tomorrow, I WILL DO JILLIAN’S 30 DAY SHED in the morning.

It is interesting to me and frustrating also that I have the power to change my life.  I am unhappy with my body.  I am disappointed in myself for being a bad example for my children, but I still am too LAZY to take hold of myself and make the changes.  Why is it that people hate who they are but they are too afraid to be who they want to be?

New Years plans are set and my sister in-law is coming over with her husband.  I think that we might drink, but I know I shouldn’t.  I have to start back to school in 2 weeks and I hope I will have time to blog.  This is actually good for me because I feel like I am at least accountable for how little I do to work towards my goals.


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