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The Real Deal January 3, 2017

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So a lot has happened and I have tried to post for a few days but failed, so let’s get started. So first off, I have not posted a weigh in and to the best of my knowledge I was 263 on 12/29/16. I believe that was up from whatever my staring weight was. Now, i am not worried about this because my body is in shock. I have been checking my weight which I wish I could stop. The scale has not moved but I am cool with that for now. I joined the gym and I am going every other day and this morning was the third day. I am the fattest person there and it is hard for me not to feel self conscious but one day I will be the one there with the most impressive before and after pictures. Today my workout partner Dina did not feel like going and I did something I never thought I would…I went alone. Yes you read that right…I went all by myself. That is mighty impressive considering that the first two times I went, I just wanted to make excuses not to go.

So other news….I am trying to make better food choices, I have had no cokes and I am not eating out as much as i was. It helps that I had a bunch of days off in a row though because it is easier to cook that way. I start back to work on Thursday and it is going to be really hard to make myself cook. It helps that Jason is attempting to get on board. I am really proud of him and I think he can do this if we support each other. I am looking at a new job that is day shift, I should know in a few weeks if it is a real possibility or not. That will help tremendously with cooking and my weight loss goals. I know my sleep is terrible. I average 5 hours a night and nights I work, I get anywhere from 2-5 hours.

I forgot to mention that I have a fit bit alta and that I am thinking of doing a page to post me weekly progress reports. I have to look it up and see what it looks like though. I also read something about apple cider vinegar helping to boost weight loss. I know it is probably a fad but it won’t hurt to try it so I am starting off with 1 tsp in 8 ounces of water before each meal. Next week I will go up to 2 tsp and if after two weeks, I don’t think it helped I will stop it. I will keep you posted on that.

Well, I forgot how difficult it was to upload pictures on here..this sucks. I may actually move to tumblr (sigh)

Anyway, enough for now.


A Fresh Start for 2017 December 21, 2016

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Today is the first post in my new journey. The last year was very hard and the last thing I was concerned about was my health. I have tried and failed many times to lose weight, why should this time be any different…

My mom passed away last year and as much as I loved her, she needed so much of my time and energy to take care of her. I used her as an excuse not to focus on myself and take care of myself. My kids are older now and really require very little from me. They are independent and like to do their own thing. I got divorced last year and we moved back in together because it was better for the kids in the long run. I think when you have children, maybe divorce is a little selfish. Yes I want to be happy and have someone to spend my life with but this works for me right now. This living arrangement gives me more flexibility in my job and really more time to work on me. Being a single parent is definitely one of the hardest things in the world to do. I realized I have PCOS, I guess the doctors all knew but no one thought it was important to tell me that I actually had a medical condition that was causing so many of my issues.

My PCOS……..

Fifteen years ago, I had been struggling with infertility and taking large amounts of metformin and Avandia along with clomid to be able to get pregnant. At the time, all they told me was I had insulin resistance. Without these medications, I only had 2-3 menstrual cycles a year. I lost about 60 pounds during this time within about 8 months. I walked 3-5 days a week and did not modify my diet for about 30 pounds and the other 30 pounds i did WW with no exercise. Imagine what I could have done if I had combined them both. So now it is different and I feel like it is the PCOS and age. My metabolism has slowed down significantly from being inactive so long and I am literally holding on to every single pound like my body is starving. The symptoms I have now include lack of menstrual cycle (though for me, it seems to come back if I lose 10-12 pounds), my hair on my head seems to be falling out at an alarming rate. My hair has always been super thick and handfuls come out daily, I am growing a beard (OMG it is so depressing). i have to pluck anywhere from 5-10 dark thick hairs from my chin a few times a month now where as 5 years ago, that was not an issue. Mood swings and depression, they are symptoms but I am not sure if it is caused by the fluctuation hormones or just the sheer struggle of the symptoms.

So where am I now?

I am currently 256.4, down from 261.9 (only because I had food poisoning yesterday and ate nothing while everything just evacuated my system). I am trying to be 100% focused but I realize until I see progress, I will not be completely in the zone. I want to lose 100 pounds by the end of 2017! Do I think it is doable, yes. Do I think it is a reasonable goal for me, no. I have no hard goal at the moment because, I do not want to fall off the wagon based on my failure and disappointment for a goal not met. I think the one goal that I have in mind right now is to lose 20 pounds by my birthday February 10th. So hopefully, I can meet the 240 pound mark by then.

The plan…

Well, that is still in development. I honestly am working it out as I go along. I want to join a gym but am not comfortable doing it yet and I realize in the next 2 months there will be good deals so I am waiting. I want to hang a punching bag in my garage because it will be good stress relief. I have seen a lot about weight training and how it is great for weight loss. Well I want to be strong as well so that is on my agenda. Walking……walking is how I lost 60 pounds before but I have yet to motivate myself to do so. My GP is being great, we have tried a few things and next month she is going to put together a program that includes a nutritionist and social worker to tackle the emotional and technical aspects. Also she is talking about putting me on the new version of Fen-Phen. i know a lot of people feel it is a cop out to take weight loss drugs but personally, I do not care what the think. Everyone’s journey is different and I applaud anyone who can do this in an easier way. For me though, I am at a place where I am willing to do anything, even bariatric surgery. It just so happens that my insurance will not pay for it though so I am doing what I need to. I am taking this one step at a time and hopefully I will be healthier and happier one year from now.

Hooray for progress!


A New Life April 12, 2016

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Everything has changed from all of my previous posts. Everything except my weight that is. My blood pressure is now controlled with medication, I am in the middle of a divorce, I went from trauma nurse to hospice nurse, and I am finding myself once again starting over. So what will be different this time from all the others? I still want to lose weight and it still consumes my life. But, I am seeing a therapist and that has given me an outlet for my frustration. I am understanding more why I am an emotional eater but the key is to change it. This journey may be long but I am committed to it for my health. My view of myself and how other people see me, is not important. What is important is my physical and mental well being.


Stop eating to “feel good”

Decrease BP and get off meds

Decrease depression

I will weigh in on Wednesdays so tomorrow will be the first weigh in with my starting weight.



Week 1

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4 pounds down with little to no effort.  Plan development this week.


New Start

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So I started thinking about losing weight and why I just keep packing the pounds on.  Logically, I thought about where I get the most of my energy from.  I eat carbohydrates all day long.  Sometimes I eat a bowl of noodles for lunch.  To lose weight, I would have to burn all the carbs I put in and work longer and harder to take off the pounds at a slower rate.  I started researching the Atkins diet online and then bought the book.  After several days of reading and note taking I stared it during my time off.

This is day 2 and I definitely have had the “Atkins Flu”.  I have felt run down and napped a lot today.  I have had a headache for both of those days but I can attribute that to going cold turkey off caffeine I think.  I am going to try not to weigh for at least a week so that I have a good idea of how well I do.  Tonight I actually tested for ketosis and it was positive.  So technically, I should be burning fat and I am going start exercising in the morning.  I hope that I am not going to have a headache tomorrow and take the kids to the park to play while I walk. The following are my starting stats

Blood pressure  153/91

Weight 260.2

Chest 56″

Waist 52 1/2″

hips 17 1/4″

arms 15 1/2″

thigh 24 1/2″


Dragon*Con 2013 September 4, 2013

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For the people who have never heard of Dragon*Con, it is a sci-fi convention that takes place in Atlanta Ga. every Labor Day weekend.  It is four days of nerds gone wild basically.  Anyway, my husband is the biggest geek and he calls me a wanta-be geek.  Truth is, I like going.  The people are nuts and it is our own little vacation from the kids for four days out of the year.  So every year I tell myself that I am going to make great costumes and get dressed up, but I don’t.  I am under motivated because I am fat.  Now there are lots of big girls that dress up and they even look good, but I personally am too self conscious to go to all that trouble to and go around half dressed in sexy costumes.

This year, I didn’t have much fun at all and that is not like me.  I decided that next year I will be 100 pounds lighter.  I have planned all these goals and never kept them but I have an end date and a time frame to work in.  That is a little over 8 pounds a month.  My wonderful husband gave me the before picture when he took a picture of me watching the crowd leave the parade this year.  My beginning weight is 261.2 as of yesterday.


Random July 13, 2013

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So I walked 18 miles the first week and it rained almost everyday the second week so I just didn’t do anything.  This week was just a bad week.  Everyday I have had to wait on AC repair people and then the triplets 8th birthday came and went.  I have really not thought about walking until today.  I doubt I will because it is hot, humid, and we have company in from out of town.  Tomorrow morning I will get up and go though.  I am @ 255.0 as of this morning.  Guess I will fill that in for my WI I missed, I haven’t even remembered to WI.  I have had a lot going this week with Matthew as well.  Enough complaining, I must clean up my house now.


15 Miles and Counting June 26, 2013

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Today I walked 3 more miles.  That puts my total up to 15 this week.  I was going to do 3 days a week and then I thought ,no I should do 5.  Well i have done 5 days this week and I have logged 15 miles…..why stop?  As long as it is not raining or I just can not find the time to do it, I am going to walk everyday.  Everyday that I put those 3 miles behind me is a step closer to losing weight.

I started walking last Saturday so I am going to make that my official start date.  So each Saturday I will weigh in and log my weight and progress under the goals & progress page.  I keep looking around for motivation and I keep wanting to write something profound, but it just isn’t coming to me right now.  For now I am here and I am working on exercising.  I needs to be more careful of the things and amounts I eat, but honestly I can only focus on one thing at a time right now.  I will be starting day shift at work on 7/22 and that will be a tremendous help to my eating habits. for now my goal is to get fit enough that I can run a 5K at the end of August.  I walk 3 miles a day easy but running is a different monster.  Here is the race I want to enter

“No one ever drowned in sweat.”
~ United States Marine Corps~


Moving Forward June 25, 2013

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So three years ago I stopped writing this blog……Well it is still here, my life did not stop three years ago, I did not die. I just gave up.  Nursing school, four kids, and life all kept going and so did my eating.  I think I was around 240 or so back then.  Now I am up to 256.2, I am still a mom to 4 kids, I did make it through nursing school and I am an RN on a trauma floor at a level 1 trauma center.  I still have a son with special needs that is somewhere on the autism spectrum (still un-diagnosed at this time).

I have yo-yoed back and forth in the last three years.  I have done everything you can think of except the silly diets where you eat weird soups or strange things.  I recently tried clean eating which lasted until I got tired of putting so much effort into buying stuff to eat.

Now I just got up one day and went walking.  I have been walking 3 miles/day for the last four days now.  I have no plan or direction yet and I am okay with that.  When I plan too much I set myself up for failure.  I started a FB page . I also opened an e-mail account and attached it to both of these things if anyone wants to contact me.  My one and only plan is to stay motivated and ultimately lose half my current size.  I decided not to delete the old posts on here just so I can remember the struggles but I did remove pictures of my kids for privacy sake since I am making this more public.  There are a few before photos that are pretty accurate still, with the exception of 20 pounds.  I will post updates and pictures on here weekly and write as often as I can……mainly because it is a good form of therapy for me.

So this is me moving forward…..


Plans May 11, 2010

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Today I was off work and it was an average day I guess.  My weight was up a little but I don’t think I did anything too bad so it will go back down soon.  I posted an “I’m back” on the forum and I hope I participate more this time.  I worked on the house some more, but mostly daily stuff not extra spring cleaning stuff.

Today was a little hard for sweets, but I reminded myself as the cravings came on that I just had to push through it.  I have found that the biggest problem I am having is that I get hungry about 10pm and want to eat.  I haven’t indulged though; instead I chew a piece of sugar free gum and I forget all about it.

I want to try one new recipe a week and see how it goes over in y house.  The problem is my husband won’t eat rice or pasta and a lot of dishes call for them.  So I guess I will have to be creative or avoid those.  The thing is, I know the reason I back slide and go back to my old ways is because I don’t know what to do that is healthy.  I mean none of my recipes are healthy…..I am a southerner for goodness sakes.  If it isn’t fried, creamed, or sauteed in butter; it is not good.  So I want to start a new collection of recipes.

Also I am going to post a list of things I need to give up or change and mark them off as I eliminate them.  The friend I was doing it with is not going to last it seems and I am going to make my own list and if she gives up it won’t really affect me.

Starting wt 254.6

Current wt 249.4

Goal wt 130


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