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So I guess the ticker stays where it is. 142.4 this morning (sighs of relief ensue).I ‘ve been a good girl since Tuesday.

I’m STILL sore from bootcamp, darn it! And last night Matt, my FAVORITE bodycombat instructor, told us he’s leaving the Lexington club to take a management position in Watertown. So no class next week, because they are fixing the studio floors, and then, his last combat with us. Pout. I asked when he’d be teaching at Watertown and that’s when he said it was a management position, and he didn’t know what/if he’d be teaching, but I assume he’ll tell us in two weeks. If he ever teaches at a time I can go, I so will, at least sometimes. I also told him he was my favorite bodycombat instructor, and he said not to make him blush, lol.

Tomorrow Steve and one of his friends from Brandeis are participating in a Chess tournament in Davis square. He asked me to come towards the end of the tournament, and we’ll probably go eat somewhere, so I have planned an EPIC WALK Starting at North Station, through downtown boston, and down mass ave, eventually ending at Davis Square. If I do everything as on my little map, the walk will be 7.8 miles long, lol. Depending on what time I get down town, and how I feel, I can always start at like downtown crossing instead, and hope the 1 bus somewhere and resume the walk from harvard or get on the train or something. I also get to go to Winmill fabrics (assuming they are open) for the first time in AGES. It’s supposed to be like 58 degress, but sunny, so good walking weather.

My stupid muscles are still sore around my shoulders/neck and some scummy kid at anime boston (I know they arent’t REALLY scummy, I just like to pretend I’m old sometimes) is probably responsible for my sore throat. I guess If I didn’t keep giving in and sleeping all day I’d be sick by now.


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