Get going!

This first step was more personal than anything. Instead of throwing myself completely into the fire, I danced around it a bit. The first thing that I did was challenge myself to drink nothing but water for an entire week! I had a couple of swigs (literally) of iced tea, but other than that I managed to stay on track. This was a big accomplishment for me. It showed me that I had some discipline, sans the small swigs of tea. Either way it made me feel like I can accomplish something. Start with small goals, as opposed to jumping right into something. I can’t say whether it will keep you on track because I just started, but it definitely eases the sting of starting your new journey. On another note, the water had me running back and forth to the bathroom. I had to convince some people that I wasn’t pregnant; eventually they left me alone.


After achieving my water goal, I moved on to step 2, signing up for Weight Watchers. In my case, I reactivated my weight watchers account. I like the points system. I am not on a strict regimen. (This may not be for everyone, but I love it!)


I also did some grocery shopping. I am on a role! Stay tuned to my grocery list that I found convenient and keeps me on track.


I decided that I would not broadcast to the world what I was doing, well, I am kind of doing that, I mean to people that I know. Sometimes people mean well, but they can unconscioulsy or consciously sabotage you. <—- (That made no sense!)


 Remember slow and steady wins the race!

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